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05/17/05 Se-Gwen Tyler corrects misinformation.

Last week, posted a flyer that Se-Gwen Tyler sent out just before the May 7th election against Pauline Medrano.  Avi Adelman made no disclosure that he has been paid handsomely by the Monica Greene campaign.

Ms. Tyler has since learned the information furnished to her by a staffer for the Mean Greene campaign was untrue and is trying to rectify a wrong. 

Rather than admit to his own mistake in posting Ms. Tyler's flyer without verifying the misinformation thereon, Avi Adelman is now calling Ms. Tyler a liar.  He mentions that she supported John Loza over Bill Dickerson (who was endorsed by in that race) and was paid $500 to distribute fliers.  Mr. Adelman does not mention the large amount of money he has received in this current election process from the Mean Greene Campaign.

Since neither nor the Mean Greene Campaign can refute the documents furnished by the Texas Work Force or the Mission ISD, they are attacking Ms. Tyler. 

Mean Greene Campaign, I said the Tyler flyer posted on bordered on libelous.  Turns out it was flat out false.  Ms. Tyler says the misinformation was furnished to her by the Mean Greene Campaign.  It was incredibly careless of her not to research the matter before mailing out the flyer, but it's good that Se-Gwen Tyler now has the courage to publicly acknowledge her mistake and step away from the Mean Greene campaign.

Currently, is posting a picture of Pauline Medrano's home.  Mr. Adelman must think a modest frame house is not an appropriate residence for a council candidate.  Pauline's home looks like hundreds of houses in East Dallas near Mt. Auburn Elementary, and certainly looks as good as Mr. Adelman's own home as pictured on DCAD.  For the life of me, I can find no justifiable reason for posting a picture of a single woman's home on a website.  Just because Pauline Medrano is a candidate for public office does not make it right to invade her privacy and possibly expose her to danger.  It is absolutely harassment and the lowest level of political campaigning I have ever seen in Dallas.

The Mean Greene Campaign and are just trying to smear Pauline Medrano since Candidate Greene has no community credentials to boast about.

The following documents speak for themselves. posted the claim that Pauline Medrano had received unemployment compensation, but here's proof otherwise: posted the claim that Pauline had lived in Mission, Texas working for the Mission ISD, but here's proof otherwise:

Now, that Ms. Tyler has seen the above documents and knows she was hoodwinked, she has notified the Greene Campaign that she retracted her endorsement and now supports Pauline Medrano.

Ms. Tyler is publicly admitting her mistake and admitting that she was duped.  The misinformation on her flyer was furnished to her by a supporter of the Mean Greene Campaign.

Too bad Mr. Adelman will not use his website to correct the misinformation he posted. 







  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8