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Council Runoffs

2005 Council Races -- Endorsements for May 7th

  Against, 62% 65,973; For, 38% 41,150

District 1
Dr. Elba Garcia deserves to be re-elected. 
She works hard and good things are happening in Oak Cliff under her watch. endorses Dr. Elba Garcia for District 1.
WON BY 100%
District 2
John Loza is termed out.  Pauline Medrano will be the next District 2 representative.  She has worked in the community all her life.  Her family has invested their resources in the district for  3 generations. endorses Pauline Medrano for District 2. Other candidates:  Former DISD Trustee Se-Gwen Tyler and Monica Barros-Greene
Medrano 45% 1,355; Barros-Greene 40% 1,191; Tyler 15% 447
District 3
Ed Oakley has been very good for Oak Cliff. 
He has had some disappointing votes, but all in all he's been good for District 3. 
He is a strong opponent of the Blackwood proposal. endorses Ed Oakley for District 3. 
Oakley 74% 5,430; Hasan 26% 1,956
District 4
Brain-Dead Thornton-Reese needs to go -- yesterday.  She's had 3 terms to show us something besides her rear.
Dwaine Caraway is challenging T-Reese again.  He has stepped out against the Blackwood proposal.  He will stand up to the Mayor without Brain-Dead's tirades and embarrassing temper tantrums. endorses Dwaine Caraway for District 4.
Thornton-Reese 57% 5,454; Caraway 43% 4,156
District 5
Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill is the more qualified of the candidates in this race.  He has taken a strong and steady course against the Blackwood proposal. endorses Don Hill for District 5. 
Hill 69% 6,096
District 6
Councilman Steve Salazar has worked very hard to change his image at City Hall and with his constituents.  He attends so many community meetings, he often has to re-introduce himself to his kids.  He has fought bad projects and for good development in NW Dallas, which has been ignored and abused by past council representatives and City Hall in general.  Steve has revived a Dallas tradition of working with former opponents to get things done for the common good. endorses Steve Salazar for District 6.  
Other candidate:  Linus Spiller.
Salazar 81% 1,236; Spiller 19% 282
District 7
Councilman Leo Chaney can only run this last time. is NOT endorsing any candidate for District 7. 
Other candidate:  Kevin Felder
District 8
Councilman James Fantroy has shown restraint in his opposition to the Strong-Arm Mayor campaign.  Compared to his primary opponent, Al Lipscomb, Councilman Fantroy is by far the superior candidate. endorses Councilman James Fantroy for District 8. 
Other candidates:  Adrian Drake, Al Lipscomb, Clara McDade, Ruth Steward, Theresa Washington.
RUNOFF Fantroy 36%, 2,575; Lipscomb 36%, 2,594
District 9

Councilman Gary Griffith has been the opportunist we expected him to be, from securing a huge tax abatement for his friends to remodel their million dollar home to his less than aggressive opposition to the Blackwood proposal. 
Albert Turner is tilting at windmills in his effort to unseat an incumbent, but we need more Don Quixote's in the world. endorses Albert Turner for District 9.
Griffith 73%, 7,008; Turner 27%, 2,638
District 10

Councilman Bill Blaydes has been disappointing on the council because we expected him to challenge the status quo of ward politics.  That said, he is clearly a force among his colleagues and has been bold and outspoken against the Blackwood proposal. endorses Bill Blaydes for District 10. 
Other candidate:  Joseph Glogaski.
Blaydes 86%, 6,970; Glogowski 14%, 1,170
District 11

Lois Finkelman is termed out.
Danny Harrison ran for the council seat previously and has worked in several council races.  High energy.
Linda Koop has a great r?um?
Harrison supports Blackwood proposal; Koop opposes. endorses Danny Harrison for District 11; however, Linda Koop is also qualified.

Koop 56%, 3,956; Harrison 44%, 3,071
District 12

Sandy Greyson is termed out. 
Matt Bach will bring fresh blood and new ideas to City Hall; r?um?shows incredible community volunteerism. 
Ron Natinksky also has a great r?um?and has taken a strong position against the Blackwood proposal. endorses Matt Bach for District 12. 
Other candidates:  Tony Fleo, Mike Mansfield

RUNOFF  Natinsky 45%, 3,487; Fleo 35%, 2,701; Bach 14%, 1,059
District 13
Councilman Mitch Rasansky is the "bean counter" on the council who actually reads the contracts the council votes on, which annoys the heck out of the Mayor and city staff.  He has found major give-a-ways.  We need his attention to detail at the horse shoe. endorses Mitch Rasansky for re-election.

WON BY 100%

District 14
Velletta Lill is termed out.   
Candy Marcum is a mediator and counselor.  Candy's people skills will help bring more order and cooperation around the Horse Show. 

Angela Hunt (M Streets Mussolini, Lill's prot?? close pal to Mad Max Aaronson)
Kathy Ingle (former DART Board member)
PD Sterling. endorses Candy Marcum for District 14.
RUNOFF  Hunt 41%, 4,150; Ingle 31%, 3,147; Marcum 26%, 2,597; Sterling 2% 244






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8