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01/05/05  Oh, My, Old Al is playing the race card.

Looks like the Park Cities Cabal are calling in some of their markers from Old Al.  His act at the council briefing was so rehearsed and practiced that it's hard to believe the press even bothered to report -- but they did.

Lipscomb likens Miller to Nazis; Ex-council member blasts strong-mayor effort as a power grab
Wednesday, January 5, 2005 By DAVE LEVINTHAL / The Dallas Morning News
   Linking Adolf Hitler and Dallas Mayor Laura Miller in the same breath, former City Council member Al Lipscomb on Wednesday compared efforts to expand mayoral powers to Nazi power grabs and the Jewish Holocaust.
... his eyes trained on Ms. Miller as he wagged his finger at her. "Hitler ? he was one man obsessed with the need of more power. A power-crazed brute.
   "The mayor's office of Dallas is not for you alone, Ms. Miller, and your cronies. Shame, shame, shame!"
... "I find it appalling for a former Dallas City Council member to come in here and compare the Holocaust to something that's going on at City Hall. I find it appalling, Mr. Lipscomb!" council member Mitchell Rasansky shouted.
... Mr. Fantroy, a staunch supporter of the current governmental system, insists that the debate transcends race.
   But for black leaders who fought for decades to represent their neighborhoods at the City Council level through single-member council districts ? Dallas used to elect its council members citywide ? the strong-mayor effort is an attempt to suppress the rights and voices of a racial population, Mr. Fantroy said.
   "It's no different than what Hitler did," Mr. Fantroy said.
   Council member Maxine Thornton-Reese agreed that Mr. Lipscomb's Nazi/strong mayor comparison is valid.
... Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill, who supports the manager-council system, admonished Mr. Lipscomb, Mr. Fantroy and Dr. Thornton-Reese for likening the mayor to Nazis.
... Council members twice during Wednesday's meeting extended Mr. Lipscomb's three-minute speaking allotment. When he asked for a further extension, Ms. Miller cut him off. ...

Lord knows I'm most unhappy with Laura Miller these days, but the only racists in the briefing council on January 5, 2005 were Maxine Thornton-Reese, James Fantroy and Al Lipscomb.  Laura Miller is an elitist, but she is no racist.

Al Lipscomb has a history of anti-Semitic comments both on the council and in his ranting as a private citizen (who should be serving time in a federal prison).  Even when he was taking money from her (loans?), Al Lipscomb was always making comments to ridicule Mayor Annette Strauss.  That thieving, bribe-taking jerk would make comments about "Our Lord Jesus Christ bled on the cross ..." when he was losing a zoning case or some other issue where he had been giving a gift by some applicant.

I'm a Christian.  For that creep to use the Lord's name as a weapon always offended me to the core.

For that racist to compare the Mayor's power grab to Hitler and Nazis is way beyond offensive.  It's just reprehensible.

That's why I'm sure some of his old benefactors who sleep in the Park Cities have him on retainer again.  The only way the Park Cities Cabal can pull off their coup d'?at is to play their campaign as a White/Black fight.  They intended for Councilman James Fantroy to be the bad guy, but he appeared to be aware of their plans and was taking a higher plain approach.
    Robert O'Melveny:
Anti strong-mayor form of government/Strong-Arm Mayor spokesperson, Al Lipscomb, did a good job last night of letting the public know what you people are all about. 
   It's nice to see your true colors exposed.  You picked a fine spokesperson - one who is truly representative of you, your group and your intentions.  Not to mention the level of intelligence and comprehension rampant amongst those opposing change in government. 
   Well done.  Avi "Dodge-the-Indictment" Adelman" should speak next week.  Hell, Avi and Lipscomb should speak together to really reach your target market.
   I really like your website.  Please keep up the good work.  There is nothing better than getting up in the morning (I am retired) and having in-house entertainment available on my PC. 

Outside of County Commissioner John Wiley Price, there is no Black man in Dallas who ires North Dallas White voters more than Old Al Lipscomb.  The man should be in prison.  When he was facing sentencing, he did his Fred Sanford act ("Lovie, this is the big one!") and the Judge took pity on him and let him serve his sentence at home.  Then his sentence and his CONFESSION were thrown out on a technicality and our cowardly Federal prosecutor decided not to re-try him.

Well, here's a message to Old Al's Park Cities benefactors -- it's not going to work.

We've seen his act too many times for it to be effective.  Calling Laura Miller a racist or comparing her to Hitler is so ludicrous it is also ineffective.

A lot of people are very angry with Laura Miller just now and consider her power hungry and ruthless.  Having someone like Old Al call her names just is not going to disturb North Dallas White voters all that much.

I'm disappointed and angry with Laura Miller about her strong-arm mayor plans, but not so much that I'm pleased with Old Al's angry Black man rantings against her.  His rantings are intended to get you to sympathize and empathize with Our Mayor.  Unfortunately, James Fantroy and Brain-Dead Thornton-Reese couldn't see through his act and couldn't resist a little limelight for themselves.
    Mary Hasan:
The story in the morning news quoting Councilman Fantroy is inaccurate.  Councilman Fantroy never said what is printed.  What he said was that it is not about race, it is about fairness.  He has contacted  the editor of the Morning News and offered to provide the tape of the meeting.  I told Mr. Fantroy about your article and he said that he cannot change what you feel about him but I felt that you should know the truth.  If you like, I will also send you a copy.

Editor's Comments:  Dave Levinthal says he has the tape, and stands by his story. 
Laura Miller is a convert to Judaism.  Like most converts to any religion, she takes her faith more seriously than many people who were born Jewish.  The one commonality among many of our local African-American "leaders" is overt anti-Semitism.  I have never understood why anti-Semitism is so rampant in the African-American community because no group of Americans have been more concerned, supportive and helpful to them than American Jews. 

Whether I understand it or not does not make it less so.
1) If you anger the hand that feeds you , you work on their guilt level so they have to keep proving how much they "love" you via more money/support.
2) Al is Black. Blacks are given a free pass especially by the mostly liberal media. Might have something to do with point #1.
3) A power grab is a power grab. Does Miller want to exterminate people like Hitler? Not likely. But if she wants to keep people as economic slaves, then you have to ask yourself, is it better to have a slow tortuous life or a quick end? 
4) You are 100% correct.
  I appreciate the way you point out racism is allowed when it emanates from the mouths/actions of people with black skin.

I am going to be working hard to stop this strong-arm mayor effort, and I don't intend to let Old Al derail the opposition.  He's a bad man.  He's always been a bad man.

So, let's just all make a pact to ignore any new stunts that Old Al may pull.  Of course, "new" probably will not apply to his plans because he doesn't really have any "new" tricks up his sleeve.  Old Al is no more imaginative than he is honest.

We can be mad at Laura Miller for this power grab of hers, but we should not allow anyone, much less a crook like Old Al Lipscomb, to use Anti-Semitic slurs against her.  This should be an eye opener for Our Mayor that she is hooking up with some sleazy people who will not hesitate to stoop to any level to get what they want. 

  Mayor Miller may think her Park Cities buddies are doing all this for her, but she's just a pawn in their power play. 

Old Al is just their hired hand.  Unfortunately for the Park Cities Cabal, their hired hand is a joker who is played out.






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8