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Stronger Mayor for the Metroplex
Stronger Mayor, Stronger Park Cities
They hear us.
We need new blood at City Hall.
The bad in good intentions.
Who's paying Old Al?
Our Mayor's out of the closet.


01/31/05 Stronger Mayor for the Metroplex?  w/list of new opposition
01/31/05 Pat Cotton:  Blackwood plan is bad for Dallas.
01/26/05 Michael Davis:  A simple question about the homeless.
01/26/05 Michael Davis:  Our city officials just don't care.
01/25/05 Melody Townsel:  A Day in the Life in North Oak Cliff.
01/24/05 Stronger Mayor, Stronger Park Cities
w/new comments
01/20/05 They hear us.
01/18/05 CBS11 Sarah Dodd:
$$ behind Blackwood
01/18/05 Bubble-Brains
01/17/05 F.Bracken:  Abused by City Hall, ignored by DMN
01/16/05 Rad Field:  City Council Entertainment
01/15/05 We need new blood at City Hall.
w/new comments
01/13/05 Mike Perry:  DISD Deficit Debacle
01/10/05 The bad in good intentions.
01/10/05 Wm Wallace:  City tried to force CD on my neighborhood.
01/07/05 Stan Aten:  I cannot support this strong mayor effort.
01/07/05 Jesse Diaz: Racism has no place in this discussion.
01/06/05 Old Al plays race card Such a joker.
w/new comments
01/05/05 Citizen D:  Strong Odor of a Strong Mayor!
01/04/05 Our Mayor is out of the closet!  She's backing Bah! Bah!
01/04/05 See





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8