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10/09/06  and other unqualified candidates.

A couple of weeks ago, The Dallas Managed News endorsed a former low level public defender over the very qualified incumbent Judge Faith Johnson.  Now, they are endorsing State Rep. Yvonne Davis when she doesn't even live in District 111.

Granted, I am very partial to Faith Johnson because she's a personal friend.  She's a personal friend because I have known her since the 80's when she first ran and won her judicial bench.  She's also a personal friend because I respect her so much.  She's a strong woman who knows what she believes and lives her beliefs.    
10/09 Jay Narey:
We never know WHAT the DMN is going to do.
   I noticed this year they are endorsing more Dems -- probably because they can see the trend in demographics.
   It'd be great if they stand on principle but I guess that's too much to ask.

Here's what the DMN said about Judge Faith Johnson:

Criminal District Court Recommendations
Monday, September 25, 2006

Tracy Holmes

  Republican incumbent Faith Johnson has established herself as a community leader. But her conduct in the courtroom raises questions about her temperament and judgment. Last year, Judge Johnson, 55, of DeSoto received a public admonition from the State Commission on Judicial Conduct for throwing a party in her courtroom to celebrate a fugitive's recapture. The Dallas Bar Association's poll also raises concerns about her demeanor and knowledge of the law.
   Tracy Holmes, a 51-year-old Democrat from University Park, has more than two decades of experience in criminal law and has worked both sides of the courtroom. While she is untested on the bench, we think a change is needed in this court, and we recommend Ms. Holmes.

Here's what I said in response (still amazed they printed it):

Letters: Our election recommendations -
Sunday, October 1, 2006
I'll stay with Judge Johnson

  As usual, the Dallas Morning News editorial is way off the mark by not recommending Faith Johnson for re-election as judge of the 363rd Criminal District Court.
   Judge Johnson cares about the victim, not the "feelings" of a man who killed one woman while trying to kill his wife. He was only caught and brought back to her court after he almost killed a third woman. It was a time for jubilation.
  The judge is a woman of substance, as in her Christian life and sense of personal ethics and integrity. Knowing who she is, I asked her to officiate my wedding.
   Decent, law-abiding people in Dallas County will be safer with Judge Johnson continuing to serve. She has my vote.
Sharon Boyd, Dallas
  Why was it relevant in a recommendation to note the city where the candidates reside?  Does being a Park Cities resident give Judge Johnson's challenger some extra qualification?  Clearly, neither the DMN nor the Dallas County Democrat Party did a background check on Ms. Holmes because there were serious problems during her stint as a low level public defender for the County.
Judge Faith Johnson

Let me tell you about the man for whom Judge Johnson held the welcome back party.  He had shot and killed his first wife.  He shot her mother at the same time, but she survived.  He had been sentenced to 40 years for those crimes, but, of course, didn't serve his full time.  He was before Judge Johnson for assaulting a third woman, multiple times before he was recaptured.  Having that murderer and woman beater back in custody was a time for jubilation.  It was a message to him and other woman beaters that the strong arm of the law will get them, and this strong woman Judge will enforce the law. 

Everyone I know loves what Judge Faith Johnson did.  When I told them she was going to officiate at my wedding, they couldn't wait to meet her. 

Why would the
DMN not support a qualified incumbent in the 363rd Criminal District Court race and then endorse and unqualified incumbent in the State Representative race for District 111?  Makes no sense.

In 2003,
Texas Monthly picked Yvonne Davis as one of the worst members of the State House of Representatives, but the DMN  endorses her in 2006.  Makes no sense.

We Recommend Yvonne Davis in House District 111
Friday, October 6, 2006

   We've differed with Rep. Yvonne Davis, 50, on issues like funding schools through a new business tax. ...  We also like that she favors letting communities vote to raise their sales taxes to fund a North Texas transit system.
...  Ms. Werner charges her opponent doesn't live in District 111. It's true that Ms. Davis owns a home outside of the district, but records show she's not claiming a homestead exemption there. Ms. Davis insists she lives in a rental home in the district, and her driver's license and voter registration card are based on that residence. Short of evidence to the contrary, we have a difficult time concluding that Ms. Davis is breaking the law.
   We hope Ms. Davis becomes a broader-thinking lawmaker. For example, she parrots the party line about finding other means than the TAKS test to evaluate schools. ...

Of course, the DMN  likes it that Davis supports "letting communities vote to raise their sales taxes to fund a North Texas transit system."  Most major cities, Dallas included, are topped out on sales taxes.  Like we saw with the arena sales tax campaign, the proponents will spend as much money as necessary to get the vote to come out the way they want it.  So, we can expect to pay more than 8.25% sales taxes in the near future -- thanks to tax and spend politicians like Yvonne Davis.

  I don't know Ms. Werner, but she's not Yvonne Davis.  That's enough for me to support her over Davis.  Rumor around the political circuit is that there's been a falling out between Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson and State Rep. Davis.  Johnson has apparently dropped Davis as her heir apparent, and now plans to have County Commissioner John Wiley Price succeed her in Congress.   One of my smart friends who knows way too much for one person wonders if Johnson and Price put Werner up to challenging Davis.  I don't care.
Cindy Werner

I would have posted a picture of Davis, too, but her State Rep page doesn't have a picture.  Just a blank space for one.  Pretty appropriate for her impact in the Legislature.

Werner says Davis does not live in District 111.  It never ceases to amaze me that people will run for office, knowing the rules, but still ignore them.  Here's what Werner says about it:

According to the documentation that I have that was sent to me (utility bills, official public record of a federal tax lien with her 1040 as the document indicating her residency, county documents, etc.) with a home on Mantelbrook which is in District 109. 

At our joint interview with the Dallas Morning News, and they asked her to show proof that she lives in the district.  However, during the interview, Ms. Davis explanation was that she received monies from her sister to purchase the home since her sister is going through a divorce and did not want to include this property in the divorce settlement/  Then, she said she, Ms. Davis, was actually living in the house that her sister no longer lives in (which is in District 111) with the brother in law that she is defrauding. 

You could have knocked me over with a feather when the editorial board asked her to show evidence that she lives in the district and said nothing of how unethical this is in what she is "doing to help her sister". 

I know I am new to politics, but on some level this has to be wrong, wrong, wrong.  Thanks for listening to me vent.


Yeah, that's it.  Davis is assisting her sister defraud the sister's soon-to-be ex-husband, and Davis is living with her soon-to-be ex-brother-in-law while she's helping her sister stick it to him.  Pretty implausible, but apparently it suits the DMN  editorial board.  Since most of them aren't from Dallas, they must think it's a local tradition for politicians to have one place where they actually live and another place in their district where they claim to live

In November, 2005, Todd Bensman and Robert Riggs reported on KTVT-11 that Terri Hodges claimed an apartment in her legislative district, but had a fancy house in another district.  See Bensman & Riggs.  No big deal to
The Dallas Managed News

Well, you know what?  It's a big deal to me when someone runs for office in a district where they do not live.  It ought to be a big deal to voters.  If someone will break the law to seek public office, imagine what they will do once they are in office. 

State Representatives are paid a small amount of money for their service.  So, most legislators have other income -- way too many are lawyers.  Do you know what Yvonne Davis claims as her source of income?  She's a political consultant! doesn't usually make partisan endorsements because its focus is local matters.  An exception was made when Ron Kirk/Con Jerk got the Democrat nomination for the U.S. Senate and ran against John Cornyn.  I did not want Kirk doing to the country what he did to Dallas.  I do make endorsements in primaries.

That said, endorses Judge Faith Johnson for re-election to the 363rd Criminal District Court.  She's the most qualified and experienced.  Don't you want a judge who considers the victim first? endorses Cindy Werner for State Representative from District 111.  She has run her own business while raising her children, who are all DISD students.  She will take fresh ideas and new energy to Austin.






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8