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  09/29/06  DISD
Betty Culbreath

The DISD has never been in need of more money

it has for the past 20 years been in need of money management.

The District is too large with programs and staff that do not work.  No one is in charge of cutting programs that do not work.  Year after year, new programs start, but they never end.  The Federal grant funding ends, but the District just adds the program to its general fund budget.

The mentality of Mid Managers is to increase.   Every time they get a bad report or test score, they create another program to correct that - increase.  

Dr. Hinojosa needs to start cutting staff and programs that do not work.  Use grant money to cover items that the general fund budget will not.  

Remember the package a staff member paid for Lois Parrott?  Whoever heard of a government paying for an unknown item for a board member not knowing what it was nor a request for payment?

How did other employees spend District money freely without signature authority?

The spending of money at the District is out of control.  The organization is so large it has to be reorganized with a better type of accounting system that has built in control.  If Dallas County can manage it's budget and spending, DISD can.

I managed Dallas County Health and Human Service with a $88 million dollar budget.  It was nothing close to DISD's budget, but money management is money management.  I managed 29 state and federal grants and never had a credit card nor did any other staff.  We did have gas cards, and each employee had a pin number.  We purchased supplies through the County's purchasing department and  other supplies from certified County vendors.  We never had any money missing. 

It can be done!

Betty Culbreath





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