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  08/14/06  Lots of local police outfits -- no investigators?
Let's see now -- in Dallas we have DART Police, County Police, Presbyterian Hospital Police, Methodist Hospital Police, Love Field Police, DISD Police, RISD Police, DCCCD Police, the Constables, the Sheriff's Office, Dallas Police, and on and on.     8/14 Allen Davis
   When everything is a crime, then everybody needs a police force and multiple civil/criminal attorneys to defend them against the crime de jure.
Who cares about fake police, as long as no one is smoking tobacco -- or drinking alcohol, in or out local bars. 

There are also Police "Look Alike" vehicles running around town with "RED" light bars on their roofs but no legible markings as to who they are. 

Two weeks ago up in North Dallas, there was a 4-door, white over red, old Chevy Caprice running around Coit and Alpha Roads with emergency equipment on the roof. 

Two weeks prior to that a white 4-door old Chevy Caprice was running around Spring Valley Road and Coit (on the Dallas side) with red lights on the roof. 

Investigations by anonymous "investigators" determined that the vehicles were not alarm answering guard personnel nor neighborhood patrols.  Those entities are prohibited by law from having red light bars on car roofs.  The investigators even had GPS printouts / maps plotting the neighborhood paid security patrols, and it was not them. 

So, who were these "mystery police"?  We don't know. 

It was reported to DPD Police authorities with no response after follow up.  The police substations just suggest telling "911" about it.  "Oh yes!"

These mystery police vehicles, if not legitimate, would be excellent tools for use in home invasions, burglaries, abductions or any type of crime. After all, who would suspect police officers in marked vehicles burglarizing a premise?  It's fun attempting to explain that to "911". 

It has become obvious to this untrained observer that many of the "BIG" Dallas area enforcement raids, arrests, drug finds, organized gang arrests, etc. are being initiated by the FBI, DEA, Homeland Security, perhaps "Interpol", and other heavy hitting law enforcers with ASSISTANCE from Dallas P.D. 

Taking a look at Dallas City Hall, it appears that local television media personalities ferret out suspicious persons, do great stories "on the air", and then the FBI arrives to seize the records and information for presentation to the U.S. District Attorney's Office.  (Great work, media folks). 

Over at DISD (which has its offices in Dallas and its own POLICE force), there are potential credit card abuses, and who knows what else?  Disclosure and media coverage of those crimes were, in part, narrated by Allen Gwinn, a local activist who put together a great "potential crime database" (great work) and another media outlet. 

Who then arrives on the scene to "finish" investigating?  Yes, a few attorneys and perhaps the FBI.  So many police departments and agencies, but the Feds wind up in the end performing the investigations. 

It's not clear if the police departments with jurisdiction do much investigation at all to even uncover wrongdoing.  I say it is not clear because it REALLY is not clear. 

Some at DPD do not want real time intelligence information.  If information is taken, it is usually scrambled in translation and nothing is gained.  

Another anonymous investigator dared ask --- "Is all this crime in all these jurisdictions being reported as CRIME to the FBI annually as a part of the Dallas area FBI Uniform Crime Reporting requirements?  The answer was --NO!

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  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8