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05/22/06   Good Morning Lower Greenville -

This missive is written by me not only as Barking Dog (BD), but as a very active, concerned citizen of Dallas.

By now you have heard the news - a Dallas Police Department officer issued a citation against me Saturday evening (3/20/06) for abusing the 911 system by calling when there was no clear and present emergency.  For those who worked all weekend, the links are here -

As per DPD's policy and public pronouncements and like we have done for years, I called DPD at 8:10 pm to report noise coming from a local scumbar.

An officer arrived at my home at 8:45 pm, took my drivers license information, left and came back at 9 pm, when he gave me the ticket.  Less than an half-hour later, an email was sent to me via the BarkingDogs website congratulating me for getting the ticket.

Since only four other people in my "posse" knew about the ticket at that time, it struck as odd that someone outside the area knew those details before it went public.  We investigated the source of the emails and made a preliminary determination that they were sent from a computer in the DPD's Central Division (which covers Lower Greenville).

We matched the IP address number on the emails to other emails in my database.  In this case, the IP on the obscene emails matched the IP on emails sent from DPD Central staff over the course of nearly five years.  It did not match the IP in emails from other departments that I have dealt with at City Hall.

It's not rocket science.

One reporter asked me, "What was my reaction?" at that moment of realization.  I told him that eventually the tree in my front yard will recover from my bending it in half.

In the end, I and others believe, we will find that a small group of "bad blue apples" was getting even for my participation in Brett Shipp's WFAA News' stories about the use of pepper ball paint guns against Lower Greenville patrons.  According to my sources, the DPD has since transferred the supervising sergeant referenced in those stories.

That sergeant was very popular with his troops, and they decided it was pay-back time.  If they did not "get me" last weekend, it would have been next weekend, next month, whenever.

This attitude did not just pop up out of nowhere.  It was started when former DPD Assistant Chief Danny Garcia was allowed to run this division as his personal fiefdom just a few years ago.  It was his private group of Keystone Cops who launched their so-called "extortion investigation" against me, just when Garcia was applying for the position of DPD Chief.

It happened again last year when a citation for disorderly conduct/verbal was issued to me last June at the request of a bouncer working at another scumbar.  That bouncer was an off-duty police officer from outside of Dallas County who was flashing his badge to unruly patrons in the bar, and was not happy that I wanted his photograph for the website.  Sgt. Mike Smith ordered that only I would get the citation despite witnesses at the scene who told him the true story. The bouncer/cop no longer works on Lower Greenville, and the citation was dismissed.

That screw the citizens, cause we are the DPD attitude continues today, and it's up to the DPD to trash it out.

I have publicly called for the termination of those officers for violating the public trust, and official oppression.  I could also call for them to be hung naked by their thumbs off the Suede's patio fence.  In the end, I can ask for any kind of punishment - it's up to the DPD command staff to make the final decisions.

This matter has been put on two fast tracks at DPD.  One is the ticket itself, and why it was issued. The other is the email (actually three emails from the same network). I fully expect both matters to be resolved to my satisfaction quickly and legally.

DPD Chief David Kunkle has ordered the department to do everything possible to figure out what is going on out here and why. He has promised that the matter will be investigated fairly and thoroughly, and I believe him.

But there was another message in the stories, one which you may have heard in Sunday evening's news reports...

My phone call to 9-1-1 to report the noise from Suede bar was absolutely the right thing to do.

Calling 9-1-1 is the only legal way to deal with these issues in Dallas and Lower Greenville.

Do not ever hesitate to pick up the phone and call 9-1-1 when you have an issue that requires police assistance. If any of us even pause for one minute to make that call, the consequences could be unthinkable.

We cannot, and will not - as a civilized society - allow a few "bad blue apples" on the DPD or any other police force tell us when and how to call for assistance in an emergency, under the threat of another citation like this.

If they win, we will truly lose more than a few nights sleep due to a noisy scumbar.

On behalf of myself and my family, I want to thank all of you for your support at this time.


Avi S. Adelman





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