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05/08/06  What does it take to shut down this hell hole?

It's not enough that we had a policeman killed at Club DMX.  It's not enough that at least 2 different homicides in Northwest Dallas in the past couple of years originated from fights that started at Club DMX.  Now, a 2 year old little girl is dying with a bullet in her brain as a result of a fight that started at Club DMX.
Friday, as I read the on-line stories about the drive-by shooting in Arlington where two babies were shot, I was struck by the side issue of the shootings being a result of a fight the babies' father had at a Dallas night club.  My first thought was what would a father of 3 children with a pregnant wife be doing at a nightclub in Dallas?  My second  thought, was it Club DMX or one of the two giant clubs at Manana and Stemmons.      05/08/06 James Northrup:
All it would take is one good lawsuit - from any one of the injured parties.
   If a tort lawyer goes after the club, his clients will settle for what they think their loved-ones are worth, which evidently is a lot less than what the club is worth.
   Failing that, an ordinance that fines the club owner every time there is an offense - increasing exponentially with each offense.

I started calling every reporter I know asking them to find out which club it was.  CBS-11 reported that Daddy Prado had been at Club DMX.

Everyone responsible (except the shooters) is denying responsibility, and the shooters probably will deny responsibility as soon as some reporter can get to them.

2 Children Shot; Suspects In Custody
Friday, May 05, 2006
   (CBS 11 News) ARLINGTON Two children are in the hospital and three suspects are in custody following the shooting of the children.
... Both were injured with a group fired shots into the family?s Arlington home in the 2000 block of E. Mitchell St.
   According to reports, the incident began as a verbal argument between the children?s father, Jesse Prado, and a group of three at a nightclub DMX in Dallas.
   Prado left the club to drive to the home, police said.
   The two men and a woman followed them, officials said. The parties are said to have been involved in a long-standing feud.
   Police said the suspects then shot at the house and the children were injured. ...
Pedro Ariel Lucio Shooting Suspect Henry Noel Gabrillo Shooting Suspect Ely Adrianna Almendariz shooting suspect

Right off the top, what was the father of 3 babies with an 8-month pregnant wife (fianc? girlfriend, etc.) doing at a big dance club on a Thursday night, or any other night?  Daddy Prado is most unhappy that any references have been made to his own sordid history, and doesn't see the connection to his irresponsible lifestyle with what has happened to his children.

It's not like this was the first time that the Prado's home has been hit with gunfire.  So why were the children and their pregnant mother sleeping in the front of the house?  Wouldn't common sense suggest that the children's room be moved to the rear of the house?  Common or uncommon sense would suggest the whole family be moved out of the house entirely, and Daddy Prado stop hanging out in places where he seems to antagonize bad guys.

2 hurt in Arlington drive-by; Girl critical; family says father, acquaintances argued at Dallas club
Saturday, May 6, 2006 by DEBRA DENNIS / The Dallas Morning News
ARLINGTON ? In the last five months, a small wood house on East Mitchell Street has been riddled with gunfire three times.
   No one was injured during the first two drive-by shootings, but early Friday as thunderstorms pounded the area, two children sleeping in a bed with their pregnant mother were wounded.
... Their mother, Christina Arredondo, 20, and their sister, 3-year-old Alexis, who also was in the bed, weren't injured.
   Police said the children's father, Jesus "Jesse" Prado, got into an argument with several acquaintances from Arlington at DMX nightclub in Dallas.
   Someone at DMX threatened to harm Mr. Prado's family, said his uncle, Thomas Guerrero, who lives next door.
... "There's been trouble before," Mr. Guerrero said. "This may be someone trying to get revenge for something. I don't know."
   Police arrested three people ? two men and a woman ? in a brown Chevrolet Suburban less than a mile from the Prado home. A weapon was found in the vehicle, said police Lt. Blake Miller.
... The three live within about a mile of one another ? and the Prados ? in the east-central Arlington neighborhood not far from Sam Houston High School.
... The children's grandmother said she believes that the assailants are gang members but said her son is not.
... Multiple rounds from a handgun were fired into the home as Mr. Prado and five men stood in front of it about 11 p.m. Jan. 7, police said. No one was injured.
   The next day, 23-year-old Shaun Kevin Mathews of Arlington was arrested ...
   The family's home was shot at again March 25 by another group, said Lt. Miller.
   Two teens were arrested ...
Mr. Prado has been on probation for burglary of a vehicle and criminal mischief, according to court records.
... DMX, where Mr. Prado and the three arrested in the latest shooting were early Friday, is a mostly Latino club that is one of Dallas' largest nightspots. The club, off Stemmons Freeway near Northwest Highway, is also one of the busiest for police.
   In the last 12 months, police have logged 125 offenses at the club.
... "It's had problems in the past," said Lt. Michael Levi, a supervisor in Northwest Dallas. "I wouldn't say DMX is really any worse than any other club of its size."
The club's low point was in November 2001, when a brawl led to the shooting death of Dallas police Officer Christopher Kevin James.
... On a typical night, at least nine Dallas police officers are paid to monitor the club's massive parking lots, Lt. Levi said.
... Alan Hammer, a DMX manager, said that there were no altercations at the club Thursday night, ... "We hope that people don't hold the club responsible for something that happened out of our control," Mr. Hammer said. "I can't control what goes on in Arlington."
... Mr. Prado's mother said her son had no enemies. ...

There's been trouble before.  That is a major understatement!  This house had been shot up twice before.  How can Jesus/Jesse Prado's mom say her son "had no enemies"?  Is there some sort of genetic thing going on with that family?  Maybe had Grandma Prado given her son a little more guidance and goal orientation other than showing off his motorcycle and keeping Christiana Arredondo pregnant (20 years old with 3-1/2 babies), Jesse might not be waiting for his daughter to die. 

They are not the only parties involved in this disaster to be in denial.   DPD Lt. Michael Levi doesn't think "DMX is really any worse than any other club of its size".  Excuse me?  A police officer was killed at DMX, as well as a DMX patron in the same incident.  A man at a Northwest Dallas service station was killed after a fight that started at DMX, and I believe there was another service station killing on Mockingbird that started at DMX.  If Lt. Levi doesn't think "DMX is really any worse than any other club of its size", then maybe we should not have nightclubs the size of DMX.

The quoted DMX manager doesn't want us to "hold the club responsible" for the Arlington shootings -- just because the preceding fight started in his hell hole.

It's not Daddy Prado's fault that he got into a rumble with some bad guys while he was out on the town being irresponsible, rather than being at home with his three babies and their very pregnant mother.  It's not the DPD's fault for not shutting down Club DMX, even if it's been a plague on Northwest Dallas since even before Licho Escamilla murdered Officer Kevin James there on November 25, 2001.

Outlook bleak for drive-by victim;
Arlington: Baby brother released from hospital; 3 suspects remain in jail

Sunday, May 7, 2006 by JAY PARSONS / The Dallas Morning News
... The 3-year-old was not wounded early Friday when gunfire sprayed into her family's home, striking her 2-year-old sister in the head and her 13-month-old brother in the shoulder.
... Daisy remained unconscious and in critical condition Saturday at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, Ms. Prado said. The prognosis is bleak.
... Daisy and Jesus were shot in a drive-by shooting while they were sleeping in a bed with Alexis and their pregnant mother, 20-year-old Christina Arredondo, in the 2000 block of East Mitchell Street.
... Police said the children's father, Jesus "Jesse" Prado, got into an argument with the three suspects Friday night at the DMX nightclub in Dallas. Mr. Prado would not comment Saturday on his relationship with the suspects or on the events leading to the shooting.
   He did, however, express anger at newspaper accounts that included details of his criminal record, which police said includes burglary and criminal mischief.
   "My history doesn't have nothing to do with my kids," he said.
   Mr. Prado's relatives said that someone at the club threatened to harm his family but that Mr. Prado didn't believe the threat.
   Ms. Prado said her son Jesse went to high school with the two male suspects. She said she thinks they were jealous of his motorcycle.
   "This has been going on for some time," Ms. Prado said. "He didn't want to fight. All he does is show his bike. We didn't do anything wrong."
   Police records show that Mr. Prado's house has been riddled with gunfire twice before in the last five months, but no one had been injured until Friday. ...

Club DMX needs to be closed.  The city needs to place limits on the size of nightclubs and dance clubs.  You can't expect to have that many drunks in one place and not have problems.  That's a no brainer.

You know who I blame as much as Club DMX?  Daddy Jesse Prado is the one who exposed his children to danger.  His activities had already got his house shot up twice, and he still couldn't stay home and be a good daddy.  For this moron to say "My history doesn't have nothing to do with my kids" is the cruelest joke he will ever tell.  His history and his present presence in a Dallas night club have everything to do with his kids and what happened to them last Thursday night.

There's no doubt Daddy Prado could find some bar to hang and chase chicks if Club DMX is closed, but the smaller crowd, the smaller the chance of mayhem.  When incident after incident is tied to a particular gigantic club, there ought to be some rule that triggers (no pun intended) a review of the club's license and certificate of occupancy. 

We know we cannot count on the TACB to ever turn down a liquor permit, even in a dry area.  We need to know city officials are on our side, and not putting sales tax revenue ahead of public safety.

Here's one more thing!  I want those Arlington thugs to stay out of Dallas.  I'm sick of Northwest Dallas accommodating all the perverts in Dallas.  Now, it looks like all the thugs in the metroplex are flocking to Northwest Dallas, too.

What is it going to take to get Club DMX and its ilk shut down?






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8