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  04/21/06  Shakedown Chaney article response
Michael Davis
Leo Chaney is the same guy who sat in on our Board of Adjustment meeting Wednesday and tried to make some tired speech in front of the cameras like he had some part in getting the American Inn (hot sheet motel) closed. 
I walked out.  I don?t have to listen to that crap, and neither does the community.
The fact is the community turned to us because Councilman Chaney had done nothing about it.  Chaney didn?t even have the graciousness to thank Dwaine Caraway and me for doing a lot of the heavy lifting on the American Inn.  But, I don?t seek public acclaim.  I seek to make a difference. 

The community is much smarter than Chaney thinks.

The neighborhood had to raise $1,000 to file the application with the Board of Adjustment close the motel.  Council members can order the hearing for FREE. 

Chaney?s been at City Hall 7 years and done NOTHING about the motels!   That?s not surprising because he?s has done NOTHING about many things in District 7. readers may not know there is one corner along MLK (west of I-45) that has 6 liquor stores.  There are more liquor stores than corners at that intersection. (4 corners?6 liquor stores)
A guy like Chaney is the reason South Dallas looks the way it does right now. 
MLK Boulevard?  Second Avenue?  Malcolm X Boulevard?  What could he have possibly done?
Chaney better not EVER try to run for ANYTHING else.  If he does, I have a slogan for him.  Ineffective?Incompetent? and Invisible? The I?s have it?.

?s too stupid to get out of his own way, but he realizes the tide is changing.  All he can do is try to bully people and use his little clique to make Sharon Boyd's name bad and my name bad, but I don?t care one bit. 

If you?re like him, and you value high school prom queen gossiping and your little ?in? crowd more than the community?s best interests then the "Shakedown" nickname is well deserved.

I would like for Chaney to produce a list of ?his people? who have enjoyed spending that Smirnoff money. 

I would also like for him to produce a timeline backed by information that he had anything to do with closing the American Inn motel. 

He can?t, and he won?t.  THAT is the essence of Chaney's tenure on Dallas City Council.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8