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Billingsley's have their nerve.
Chipping away at the old guard!
Greedy?  Or just Evil?
Ward Politics
Tuesday Night Lights
Good & Evil
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Cat Haters at City Hall


03/31/06 Truants II - Readers' thoughts
Parkdale Anonymouse:  Hot Sheet Motel Plaguing Neighborhood
03/30/06 Truants and Ineffective Supervision
Matthew Barnebey:  Current protests like pro-Yvonne Gonzales gatherings - uninformed.

Arcadia Park Crime Watch - people making a difference
03/29/06  DISD's Dubious Duo (Parrott & Price)
Michael Davis:  Response to Gromer Jeffers, Jr.
03/28/06 Michael Hubbard:  Betty Culbreath
03/27/06 Billingsley's have their nerve, but Coppell has it right!
Judd Bradbury:  I support Betty Culbreath.
03/24/06 Stan Aten:  Flood Reduction Strategy (memo to City Mgr Suhm)
David Tuthill:  Dallas Comprehensive Plan
03/23/06 Chipping away at the Old Guard.
James Waghorne:  Where do we spend the money?
03/21/06 Michael Davis:  Hot-Sheet Motel Being Closed.
03/20/06 Greedy? Or, Evil?  Billingsley's wage war on area communities.
03/13/06 Ward politics & other modern evils updated
Casie Pierce:  Timbercreek Apartments & Vickery Meadow
03/08/06 Tuesday Night Lights -- primary election results updated
Michael Davis:  New Political Day in the Southern Sector
03/07/06 Joe Tave - DISD PL 6 Candidate
03/06/06 Good & Evil:  Judgmental is not a bad thing! updated 3/22
03/02/06 Bensman & Riggs:  Dallas City Hall Investigation gets Deeper





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8