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Eminent Doman -- Ultimate Betrayal
Craig Watkins:  The Deadbeat
Vickery Meadows
Some Common Sense vs Nonsense
Candidates, Please step forward.
DISD Dumbies
Stupid is as Stupid Teaches
Other People's Money II
Other People's Money


02/28/06 Melina Flaherty:  City Animal Control Boss is a Beast to cats.
02/27/06 Eminent Domain - the ultimate betrayal
CBS-11's Sarah Dodd:  Complaint filed on deadbeat JP - New site with restaurant health ratings
02/24/06 Anonymouse:  DMN claims Texans support School Spending
02/23/06 Heinbaugh and Tharp expose Candidate Watkins as a deadbeat.
David Tuthill: Response to DMN Poll on school spending
02/20/06 Is Vickery Meadows more important than other struggling areas?
John Meiners:  Vickery Meadows Discussion
Anonymouse:  DA Candidate Watkins lies on campaign trail
Michael Davis:  DMN endorses old loser for District 110.
02/17/06 Commonsense vs. NonSense
02/14/06 Todd Bensman Intelligence breach revealed in Dallas Terror Case
Matthew Barneby, USM DISD Board could use real world experience.
Anonymouse:  The Real Joe May
Tim Dickey:  Compulsory Spanish Classes is the key!
02/13/06 Candidates, please step forward -- DISD needs you.
02/10/06 LULAC CH 4496:
Questions legality of Blackburn's dual roles as DISD Trustee & WHISD employee
02/09/06  DISD Dumbies.  Let's pluck the birdbrains' tail feathers.  updated
Bensman & Riggs:  Rep. Hodge Helped Inmates Win Parole.
02/07/06 Stupid is as Stupid TeachesJoe May wants DISD to hire illegals to teach  Todd Bensman:  Hamas's Rock Star
By day he was an engineer working for city of Dallas.
02/06/06 Other people's money II:  City Council/DISD Board abuse
Allen Gwinn: 
Craig Watkins: Da Gangsta's DA? (
Michael Davis
Potashnik financing to be rescinded
Callie Stephens:  More Police
02/03/06 Michael Davis:  Developers should use their own money. updated
02/02/06 Other people's money: Hill wants to give $20 mil to Barnett
James Northrup:  Why WHISD had to close.
02/01/06 Barbara Senter:  Why did WHISD have to close?





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8