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DISD Bad Doings!
Good day, Bad day at City Hall
Towing, Towing, Towed
Decisions, Decisions
Selfish Seniors
It's a Start ...
Ginger Germany
CBS 11's Sarah Dodd
Enforce the laws or ...
Tow that car, arrest that criminal!


01/30/06 Another Anonymouse:  DISD/KINKO bad deal.
01/30/06 Bad doings at DISD.  More bad doings at DISD.
updated 1/31/06
01/30/06 John Willis:  Towing Issue
01/26/06 Good day, bad day at City Hall!
updated w/Chip Northrup comments
01/26/06 Anonymouse: Warning re Comprehensive Plan!
01/26/06 Calie Stephens:  Questions about Productivity Commission
01/24/06 Towing, Towing, Towed -- Way to go, council!
01/21/06 DECIDED - Uninsured's cars will be towed - BREAKING NEWS!
01/21/06 Rad Field:   Surveillance cameras, etc.
updated w/Officer CS comments
01/20/06 Decisions, - It's going to be a Big Brother City!
01/18/06 Dave Capps:  Red-Light Cameras vs. Car Rental Companies
01/16/06 Selfish seniors (free coffee at city rec centers)
01/15/06 Different strokes (red-light cameras debate)
01/13/06 It's a start.  Red-Light Cameras are great!
01/12/06 Ginger Germany:  US Sovereignty Not for Sale, rally @ Allyn & Co.
01/10/06 CBS 11's Sarah Dodd:  Deadbeats on City Boards
01/09/06 Enforce the law update 1/11
01/09/06 John Willis:  Tow uninsured drivers' cars
update 1/11
01/09/06 David W. Tuthill:  City of Dallas Bond Proposals 2006
01/09/06 Michael Davis:  Update on Hot-Sheet Motels
update 1/11
01/09/06 John Pullman:  Response to Dwaine Caraway
01/04/06 David W. Tuthill
Responds to DMN Editorial on capping local taxes
01/04/06 W K Gordon, III
Difference in Dallas & Ft Worth Wealthy
01/03/06 Tow that car:
Arrest lawbreaking drivers without insurance.
update 1/6





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8