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MAKING NICE - Is too mean to the Bad Guys? turns up the heat on some elected officials who either directly or indirectly assist in the fleecing of Dallas taxpayers for the benefit of Dallas' new robber barons.   We have pet names for the dogs.  Many readers love the nicknames, a few suggest the derogatory names diminish our message -- that we are preaching to the choir and might turn off new readers. is not for wienies.  We ARE preaching to the choir -- you.

This web site is a leftover from the "It's a Bad Deal!!" campaign against the Kirk/Hicks/Perot sales tax on car rentals and hotel/motel rooms. is for people who are fed up with the happy talk and omissions in
The Dallas Managed News.

You know things are a mess at City Hall and probably at the County (who knows?).   You know there is more to any story than what you get in the DMN or on local TV or radio news.   You want to know more, or you would not have checked us out. is definitely preaching to the choir --  a choir of activists who don't just gripe over morning coffee.  We are citizens who get involved and fight the good fight even when the odds are against us.   

Dallas does not need one more "happy talk" news outlet.

Back to our nicknames for some officeholders.   Here's a history/glossary of our nicknames.

Dallas Managed News (DMN)  The Dallas Morning News is owned and controlled by Belo Corporation -- an owner in the Mavericks and principal player in the ODB.  You never get all the news from the DMN and frequently get distorted information.  They manage the news and charge you to read it.

Beat that Indictment Fantroy - James Fantroy, former Lipscomb opponent who Old Al later put on the Plan Commission and supported as his successor.  Fantroy's background is a long list of question marks.  Read Tom Korosec's Damaged Goods (Dallas Observer).  We also use his other nickname, You need to see me Fantroy, a code phrase for "I am king of my district or Where's my Money?".  He is shameless.

Brain Dead Thornton-Reese - Just listen to this woman, but be forewarned you could lose brain cells.  She was part of the team that got sued for their abuse as directors of Tri City Hospital, which finally had to close.

Duh Walne
- Alan Walne is a smart guy who everyone looks to for mediation.  His nickname comes from his ability to articulate any issue concisely and then vote exactly opposite to what he has just explained.

Housewife Extraordinares
- Laura Miller said the council (including herself) was dominated by a bunch of housewives.  Miller pushed for (and got) salaries for council members so business people can afford to be away from work while they serve our city.   None of the following married council women currently work - Lois Finkelman, Sandy Greyson, Veletta Lill, Laura Miller, Maxine Thornton-Reese.  These Housewife Extraordinares frequently vote to tax Dallas businesses and residents, but give tax exemptions to Park Cities Billionaires.

Lois Finkelwitch -
Lois Finkelman graduated from Housewife Extraordinare to Finkelwitch when she led the effort to steal the Exxon Mobil funds from the poor kids of Arcadia Park. Evil is as, as evil does.

Lounge Lizard Rojas - This is a real mean nick name, but he is bad dude.  He looks and sounds like a bad actor in a B Gangster movie.  He has laid waste to school districts all over the country - New York, San Francisco.  He got to Dallas and went into warp speed to reproduce the shell games he played in California.   He was hired to remove long time DISD administrators, but he spent million$ to save thousand$.  Then he and Mayor Con Jerk got all but two (Zornes and Parrot) DISD Trustees to give $21 Million in tax abatements to Hicks/Perot/Belo.  The only good thing you can say about this crook -- he's gone.  Good!

Mayor Ron
morphed to"You Go to Hell" Kirk then to Con Jerk - Who had heard of Ron Kirk before the ODB made him Mayor?  The ODB and their spouses knew him through their "community leadership" rotations.  He was a mediocre assistant city attorney turned lobbyist for Dallas in Austin (his hometown) who Ann Richards appointed Secretary of State.   Attorney Kirk couldn't find his way to the Courthouse with a map.  So, Mayor Ron it was with all the implied sarcasm and contempt until that golden moment when returning from testifying at Old Al's bribery trial.  He was being interviewed at the airport and got heckled by a fellow traveler.  Mayor Ron with all his dignity, ON CAMERA yelled back "You go to hell".  Go to for the audio tape. That stuck until a reader suggested we just call him CON JERK.

Mayor PreTend Poss also goes by Wrecking Ball Poss and sometimes Mother Mary (her choice). The originator of "Mayor PreTend" is afraid of retaliation if exposed, but it's an appropriate nickname for this silly woman.  MPT Poss has been running for Mayor since she first got elected to replace Glenn Box.  She doesn't work, so she can attend all kinds of meetings.   She is ever ready to show the ODB how unctuously helpful she can be.   We also call her Wrecking Ball Poss because she consistently opposes preserving historic buildings in Dallas.

ODB - Our Downtown Betters - non-elected, secret society who handpick our leaders who in turn deliver taxpayer $$ to the ODB for their private and public use.  Citizens Council was originally an off-shoot of the Ku Klux Klan, and Albert Black heads it.   The Dallas Managed News is the ODB's official newsletter.

ODB Wanna-B's - Suck-ups and ambitious twits who want to move up to ODB status and are threatened by any challenge to the class structure system.  They can get really mean. 

Old Al
- Al Lipscomb is an old man in bad health who used his age and health problems as a defense shield when he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  He has outlived some of his benefactors, but helping Old Al is risky business.  If your assistance or offered assistance is disclosed, you may go to prison.  Old Al got an indictment that had a longer shelf life than most marriages until he was finally convicted.  Old Al never let his age get in the way of hustling for new money, see Al & Grandpa Jones.  RETIRED EXCEPT TO HELP IN RACIST CAMPAIGNS.

Princess Velveeta Lill - SMSM Loza actually came up with this nickname for Veletta Forsythe-Lill when they ran for office at the same time.  Even though she was unopposed, they were together at various events.  Lill has that deep throat voice, but when she finishes one of her soliloquies, no one has a clue what she said.  As an office holder, she melts when we need her most.  She talks a good story, but did not deliver the one more vote needed to save St. Ann's or protect the restrictions of the Swiss Avenue Historic District.  She follows ODB directives, and some in East Dallas call her "Lill the Shill".  She titled herself THE PRINCESS OF PRESERVATION, but went around town claiming her "colleagues" call her that.  Right.  We also call her Queen of Poop for her obsession with dog doo.

Send Me Some Money Loza
- John Loza nicknamed himself when he told me he would support a sales tax for a new arena after campaigning against it in his first successful campaign.  He told the media he only promised to oppose new sales taxes on Dallas taxpayers. He told me "I feel like if I go along with them on this [arena sales tax], the guys downtown will see they can work with me and send me some money.

Shakedown Leo - DISD Employee Leo Chaney, who supposedly wants to get rid of most of the liquor-related businesses in the Fair Park area (at least those not operated by his friends), threatened to have marches in the street when the City agreed to let a huge liquor producer rename Starplex after itself -- SMIRNOFF.  When Smirnoff offered Chaney $3,000,000 in blood money (as Commissioner John Wiley Price calls it) to distribute among his buddies, Shakedown Leo called off the demonstrations.  This crook is a DISD employee stealing $57,000 from DISD taxpayers every year because he does nothing to earn his salary.  He is at City Hall playing KING OF THE MOUNTAIN instead of doing something useful for the DISD -- if he ever did.  Ken Zornes and Dr. Moses better get rid of him soon or they are getting nicknames in 2001.

For some people, it's easy to work around these crooks and near-crooks and incompetents.  They know things should be different, but they might be labeled "aginner" if they challenge the status quo.  They know several people in public office are doing wrong, but they might loose their influence at City Hall if they make an issue.  They know some business people in Dallas get special treatment, favors, tax abatements, but they just keep quiet and make nice.

Are you mad again?  Do you want to go out and do something?  Do you want to challenge the status quo?  Good!!

This web site is to keep you stirred up, agitated and challenging the ODB and their puppets. 





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8