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11/20/7  Why are there  DART & DISD police departments?

This question must be asked because when there is an emergency, both police departments tell you to call 911.
Last week, I was trying to get the attention of the DART police department regarding incidents that take place every afternoon between 3:30 p.m. and 4:10 p.m. when school age children gather at the Cedars train station waiting for their bus or train. 

Monday, Nov. 12th, there were about a dozen boys in purple shirts and khaki pants gambling before the #26 "Fraizer Courts" bus arrived.   Tuesday, Nov. 13th, there were nearly 40 boys and girls in purple shirts and khaki pants fighting and being disruptive.  The DART police did not arrive until the majority of the kids left on the #26 bus.   Then there were 4 cars and a number of DART police to scatter the remaining children after the situation had calmed down.
I tried calling the DART police several times after I got home, but I kept getting disconnected.   So, I had to call 911.  I spoke to a DART representative, and she emailed the DART police.   I also emailed Councilwoman Medrano's office.   The DART police chief and DPD met and promised increased patrols.  However, on Wednesday, Nov. 14th, there were children fighting at the DART station just after 4 p.m.   This time the kids were younger and wearing green shirts.
On Thursday, Nov. 15th, I called DISD and got the "If it happens on DISD property, call 911" and they are not sure they are DISD children.    In the meantime, I am waiting for some child to get seriously hurt while everyone passes the buck to the DPD.  I never heard from the DISD police.
Finally on Friday, there were lots of DART police at 4 p.m. but no kids.  Next week, the kids don't have school, so it should be safe to ride the trains.   I will let you know what happens on the 26th when everything is back to normal.
Stan Aten





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