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Feds protecting snitches &
thoughts on Toll Road Backers' Campaign
Betty Culbreath

From Ms.BettyPolitic

Federal Attorney wants to hide Snitches' names:

Call Federal Judge Laney's office and ask him not to grant the Federal Attorney's request to seal the names of the snitches who helped make the Government's case in the City Hall scandal.  It would be wrong to seal the names because some of the snitches are are current elected officials (high ranking) and others are former elected officials who want to run for office again.

They they turned state's evidence because they were involved to a lesser degree and made a deal.  The fact remains they also did some wrong and should be punished, at least exposed.  

I know most of their names but the general public needs to have access to the list to learn for themselves.  If you attend the trial, the snitches' names will come up from time to time.

Vote No's Negro Mailer:

If you received the latest Negro mailer from the Vote No group, it says " We All agree!Sad!  Again the professional campaign people who happen to be non-minority know that the Black/Negro Officials seldom agree on anything.  That is one reason we never get anything done.

o, their new campaign slogan is WE ALL AGREE, as if that means anything to Black voters.  Black voters are sick of the cross talk, but Black voters will respond to what they believe is harmful to them.  Black leadership will use Laura Miller for most anything against another Black person, but they are not telling Black voters that the same Laura Miller is on the Vote NO team.   They got really mad because Joyce Foreman passed out flyers reminding voters at Oak Cliff early voting stations that Laura Miller was behind the current Trinity Toll Road configuration. 

The Black Leadership has joined hands with Laura Miller to get the vote out.  There is nothing wrong with their position, but why keep it a secret from the public.  It's time they stopped hiding .

Public Mailer say's Vonciel Jones:

On the Negro mailer, Councilwoman Vonciel Hill has "Vonciel Jones" as her name.  If I remember correctly, Ms. Hill signed a statement in the City Secretary's Office saying her legal name was Vonciel Jones Hill.  All of her campaign literature had "Hill".  Now, she is "Vonciel Jones".

What is wrong with her "Hill" name?  Surely, it can't be that the "Hill" name is now sullen and she wants to distance her self from former Councilman Don Hill.  

Don Hill is a human being.  Regardless of what the Government says, he is innocent until proven guilty.  One should not need to treat their friends so shabbily.  

Hill needs to be careful because she has a law license to protect.  Using a name that is not your legal name is not legal.  Unless -- she got a divorce since the election.

How can people want something so badly that they sell their own soul?

Be thankful for who you are, what you have because God can take it at anytime.






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8