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Betty Culbreath


11/05/07  Keep their big ole' honking toll road out of the floodway!

If you haven't already seen it, come right back, but stop right now and go read Sam Merten's
 Vote No! Starts Making Sense.  Too funny!

Using their own words to poke people is the best revenge.  Of course, we can't use Mayor Leppert's own words from 2002 about the floodway toll road because he didn't live here then.  My favorite part of Sam Merten's story is where he cites Princess Velveeta Lill. 

OK, you?ve been patient. You?ve been dying to hear from Veletta Lill, who has been regularly debating on behalf of Vote No!

Lill made it clear that she was not a fan of the toll road in between the levees. She said her constituents voted for the recreational amenities, and she was concerned about the visual clutter and infrastructure that would detract from those amenities.

?Mayor, I?m sorry you weren?t here because my concern, and apparently you had raised it, about the combined parkway is that the large, hulking mass and I am very much opposed to any kind of?you love it when I use??

?Well, hulking mass?? Walne said.

?Well, it?s a visual obstruction and people don?t want to be around those kinds of things and then you have stuff that gets up underneath them and people graffiti them. And people just don?t want to be around them and I think that is a disincentive for development. We are putting a Calatrava Bridge there that should add great beauty and it would detract from that great beauty. We do not want to spend those kinds of dollars to do anything but create a framework around it which enhances it.?

Wow. I almost fell out of my chair on that one.

I?m sure Lill would say the road is no longer the ?hulking mass? and ?visual clutter? that it once was in 2002 because of the Balanced Vision Plan. But c?mon. This is going to be the Dallas North Tollway running along side the downtown Trinity Park. It will be a hulking mass and will provide visual clutter. It will detract from the beauty of the Calatrava Bridges.

As Sam reports, the two council members who stayed true to their concerns and statements in 2002 are John Loza and Sandy Greyson.  As hard as I've been on John Loza on, he has been fearless in this campaign.  John had nothing to gain by stepping out against Our Downtown Betters, but he has.  He has been articulate and prepared. 

Sandy Greyson has been great.  Totally focused and effective.  Like Angela Hunt, Sandy has not allowed Mayor Leppert to bait her into losing her cool.

Donna Blumer had already left the council when Laura Miller envisioned a new plan, but Donna has been great in debates herself.  She is so likable, and audiences love and respect her.

I hadn't suffered enough by sitting through 5 Trinity Toll Road debates, so I watched part 1 of the
lame debate and the 2nd part of the lame debate between Mayor Leppert and Sam Coats on TXA 21.  I swear it was like watching and listening to Ron Kirk/Con Jerk back during the arena campaign.  There's no doubt Kirk coached Mayor Leppert, but I'm beginning to think what we're seeing in this campaign is the real Tom Leppert -- not that polite and composed candidate who made Ed Oakley look so mean during the mayoral runoff.  Sam Coats could barely get a word in without Mayor Leppert interrupting him. 

The KTVT-11 bimbo and bozo moderating the debate are typical of what has happened to KTVT-11 since Sarah Dodd left.  The two moderators combined didn't equal a whole brain.Their questions were mostly directed to Mayor Leppert.  Like Ron Kirk/Con Jerk would have done, he gave convoluted responses.  At one point, Sam had to ask if he was going to be allowed to respond to the Mayor's filibustering.  The bimbo was so in over her big hair.  

I know, I know -- it doesn't matter because who watches TXA 21 on Sunday night during a Cowboy game, but still.  Sam Coats is a very busy man.  He actually works and is taking time away from his business to campaign FOR TrinityVote Yes! 

What bothers me most about Mayor Leppert's campaign style during all this has been his brazen disregard for the truth.  Even when it has been pointed out that he is wrong, he just flashes that roboton smile and repeats his mantra as if he did not comprehend or compute the new information.  Of course, he comprehends, he is a smart guy.  That only leaves one conclusion.  He is lying.      Stan Aten 11/05:
  TXDOT has already done a study to widen Loop 12 from I-35 to Spur 408 to 10 lanes.  It was done years ago.  It is just a question of funding. 
  They also plan to widen I-35 south of downtown to the split at US 67 to 12 lanes.  That is already studied. 
  It is again just a question of funding.  Last estimate was $2 billion dollars.  If they raise gas taxes high enough to pay for these roads, there will be less traffic than they estimate -- just don't know how much.
   You can go to the TXDOT website and see all the studies that have been done.
   You need a name for the mayor.  I think Mayor "LIAR" Leppert would be appropriate every time you mention him.

When Ric Williamson of TXDot says the MixMaster is going forward with or without a toll road in the floodway, Mayor Leppert continues to insist that is not true.  So, he's calling the TXDot Chair a liar?

There's not a whole lot more to do.  Call your neighbors and make sure they go vote Tuesday.  It's a low voter turnout.  We know our YES people are voting, but please don't assume your vote isn't necessary.

Angela Hunt and her team have worked so hard for us.  Take 2 people to vote with you.  That's the best way to show our appreciation for what Angela has done.






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8