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Jim Schutze:  What's the Rush, Mayor Tom? Hidin' Something?(
11/28/07 Darryl Baker:  Grandpa Jones is typical of his peers.
11/26/07 Grandpa Jones is eating the whole pie, and maybe the Trinity floodway toll road, too.
Bennett Cunningham:  How Did NTTA Execs Spend Toll Money In Austria?  (, 11/19/7)  Sure would have liked to seen this story BEFORE the election, not DURING SWEEPS.
11/20/07 This and That -- things aren't so hot in Dallas
Stan Aten:  Why are there even DISD & DART police departments?

Jorge Torres:  The thugs control Arcadia Park.
11/15/07 Gehrig Salda?:  Dr. Hinojosa is hardly a visionary.
11/14/07 Dallas Police Association endorses Lowell Cannaday for sheriff (, 11/13/7) & Irving PA, Grand Prairie PA
11/10/07 Gehrig Salda?:  Just who are Dr. Hinojosa's "Compas"?
Matt Pulle: Good God, That Was One Helluva Fight (
11/07/07 Oh, well!  We lost a battle, they've lost the war. Angela Hunt rocks!
Angela Hunt:  Thank you!
Allen Gwinn:  Vote No" Wins ... And Loses (
Jim Schutze:  
Read this while we decide whether to get out of bed this morning; Sweet/Sour Grapes on Trinity Referendum Results  (
Sam Merten: 
Suits prevail over citizens; Hunt wins battle of integrity
11/06/07 Ch 11's Tracey Rowlett:  When You Vote, Ignore Threats About Trinity Toll Road
Blumer, Cotton, et al:  North Dallas VOTE YES Mailer
11/05/07 Vote FOR Prop 1!  Don't let ODB stick a honking toll road in the Trinity River floodway. w/comments  

Betty Culbreath:  "Negro" mailer from  No campaign

Sam Merten @
Vote No! Starts Making Sense  (Princess Veletta opposed the toll road in 2002.)
11/03/07 Bill Betzen:  Lies told 11/2 at Beckly Sub-Courthouse
11/02/07 Is DallasManaged News' Bi-Polar?
Stan Aten:  Some final thoughts on Trinity Toll Road





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8