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  10/17/07  Trash the Trinity - Back to Basics

It amazes me how our elected politicians develop SIS (Superior Intellect Syndrome) after being elected when it comes to the Trinity River Project.

When running for election they get the vote of anti-Trinity folks.  When elected, however, they realize the error of their ways and support the project.  Laura Miller was against the Trinity Project as a candidate, but after admitting her husband, 'Mayor' Steve Wolens, set her straight on the important issues for Dallas she changed her mind.  Mitchell Rasansky was against the Trinity toll road, but after being re-elected for his final 4th term now endorses the project.

Just what is in the water down at City Hall?  Perhaps it's just us stupid voters who aren't nearly as smart as our elected officials.  Perhaps they should just take our voting privileges away and become our 'Lords.'   Or, perhaps we should just put all the registered voters in a hat and pick our representatives from that hat at large.  Not my idea, it's the idea of Stanley Marcus, and he wasn't joking.

I am not opposed to rejuvenating the Trinity, but how about we take care of hiring 1,000 new police officers, and get DISD to a respectable performance level first?  What should be on the ballot Nov. 6th is a way to reverse the Pay Parity Proposition that was passed in 1979. Then, the City could hire more patrol officers at a better wage, and not have to break the budget having to give every level of officer the same percentage of a raise. 

Then there's the upkeep of the Trinity Park to the detriment of other city parks.  One need only look at Bachman Lake Park to realize how out of control many of our parks have become.  I was at a meeting when then Police Chief Bolton proclaimed Bachman Park a no drinking zone. The statement got a lot of applause, but the citizens got no action.  Just go down to Bachman on a Sunday morning and look at the beer bottles that litter the park. We need the Park Police back!

It's an old statement, but how about a concentration on 'back to basics' for two to four years.  When I say 'back to basics' I don't mean stagnate progress, I mean progress.

We need a new form of government.  What we have invites corruption. Three FBI investigations in eleven years. 10-4-1 was rejected by Federal Judge Buchmyer, but not by the citizens.  Common sense district boundaries with four 'City Senators' voted at large to over see the actions of the council, and a mayor with a bit more power.

Our current council districts were gerrymandered by individuals without the courage to believe the 'people' are competent enough to make their own decisions. Dallas citizens don't believe in dividing the city into racial districts. They should be divided according to natural neighborhood boundaries, and let the chips fall where they may.

Where's the courage for the changes the City really needs?

Gary Turner





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8