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Several people responded to Sharon Boyd: Trinity's Vote yes group anything but small :

David Coats

Very nicely done with your op-ed.  On another note, have you heard this radio ad? Strikes me as just a tad stereotypical, and perhaps offensive to many African-American voters.  Keep up the fight!

You did a great job in the DMN this morning. In spite of the money and the misinformation that the toll road folks are spreading, I believe we can win this battle. Then the city council will have to go back to the table and hopefully get it right.
Michael Dietz A great article in DMN Op-Ed's! It really puts this project and the support for, and against, the toll road in perspective.
Lee Kelton
Wow Sharon - Da Snooze DID publish your note - I'm scannin the sky 'round Love for flyin porkers!
Ken Did Hell freeze over?  Good piece, Sharon.
Steven Alpert
I heartily endorse your article.  In the beginning, like many Dallasites I was neutral on this issue, but the more I listen to the stridency of certain pols, vested interests, and read the Dallas Morning News on this subject the more I became convinced that we would be short-changing the future by including a tollway in the Trinity River Project.
We have two chances to make our City stand out -- The Arts District and the Trinity River Project.  The Arts District is being ruined by an insider deal on the property next to the Nasher gardens where the developers plan to build a 40 plus story tower that will divide and destroy the ambiance of the area.
Re the tollway, my friends and I have written a number of "Letters" to the Dallas Morning News none of which have been published (Under separate cover, I'll send some of these to you).  The DMN is certainly bias and trying to shape opinion on this matter.  Only articles like yours are published when they are written by organized supporters of a "yes" vote.  Average citizen responses are not published unless they are for a "no" vote.  So it makes it look like you're the parallel to the pols with your own agenda. 
Please keep up your media blitz on the subject as I sense that our citizenry is not as pliant, nor as stupid as Mayor Leppert assumes.
Stanley F. Nelson
Northeast Dallas


Thank you for your illustrative column in Tuesday's DMN.
Building a piece of highway in the Trinity River bottom, which flooded as recently as May, 2007, makes no sense of any kind, whatever.
Last week I e-mailed our City Manager's office with a suggestion that the road in question be built on top of the levee that runs along the east side of the river, widened to accommodate 8 lanes, a median, and adequate shoulders.
Make the levee very wide (therefore stronger) and put the road on its top.
An assistant City Manager responded to my e-mail with a few "reasons" why this could not be done -- none of which were very convincing.
It's sad that the people who planned and built I-35E did not foresee the load that freeway would soon carry, and build it 10 lanes wide to begin with, but they didn't.
The entire city and county should not be penalized for this failure. 
You, and Ms. Hunt, are entirely, 100% correct.  In 1998 people were sold a pretty layout, which often happens in advertising.
We need to deal with realities in this issue, and the reality is to build the road higher than or well away from the river, and given the route needed for it, putting it on a wide levee is a good and workable option.
Thank you again for your column.
Dennis Baum You GO girl!

We began our day reading your Viewpoints column.  You hit the nail on the head and made the perfect argument about the numbers of people supporting the referendum.  It's sad that all the forums now only have pro-toll road people, instead of presenting both sides.  So much for democracy!

Ken Did Hell freeze over?  Good piece, Sharon.
Jake Morrow Sharon: Thanks for your article in the Belo paper. I still have the brochure with the lake and sailboats. I also remember Mayor Kirk saying after the vote, that the money can be used for anything, that the bond money vote was general not specific. What a liar/lawyer.
Denise Persons
I live in McKinney, Texas and read your story in today's paper.  You have a valid point. I hope the voters can stop this toll road from being built in the floodway. 
I was born in Dallas, and lived there 'till I was in my early 20's.  I've always wondered why Trinity River was not a tourist site for Dallas.  I don't want it to look like the San Antonio River Walk, but an area for canoeing, shopping and walking trails in the woods.   Why has this never been pursued? 

I also have a question for you.  Is this proposed Trinity toll road supposed to connect with that super highway that is planned to run from Mexico to U.S.?   That's another road I'm against.






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