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10/13/07  DISD Residency Requirements for High-Level Executives.
The squabble over the DISD Residency Policy may indicate the honeymoon phase is over for Dr. Michael Hinojosa.  It's well time for it to be over.  How can trustees continue to rubber stamp a superintendent who thus far has given us failure after failure?  

You must admit, however, Dr. Hinojosa has been adept at one thing -- smoke screens that take away attention from his failures.  The names of those smoke screens are Dallas Achieves and Road to Broad.
Residency Policy:   If a person really wants a job and they know one of the requirements of that job is to live in the city that pays his salary, he will comply with the requirement, right?  Thus far, there has been no evidence that the residency requirement has tied the DISD's hands from hiring the people they want.  Why disrespect DISD taxpayers in this manner by letting administrators live outside the city?It's bad enough this board has not stood up for DISD taxpayers by requiring Dr. Hinojosa to immediately implement a process to recover stolen funds during the DISD p-card scandal and that they've kept silent while employees who stole this money continue in their jobs. 
I don't often agree with Ron Price, but he certainly made a good point when he said, "I think it's bad practice to allow any superintendent in any school district in the United States to waive board policy."
Micro Management:   When trustees are losing on an issue, they pull out the "M&M" card -- Micro Management!  Is it micro management to want high-level employees to abide by board policy and give DISD taxpayers what they ask for?  It is discouraging to see Trustees Jack Lowe, Nancy Bingham and Edwin Flores continue to blindly support this superintendent.  We thank the other trustees for doing the right thing, for having the expectation that each and every board policy will be fully complied with.
African-Americans and Hispanics United:  I don't know if anyone paid attention to a new dynamic that occurred at this week's board meeting, but it sure got my attention African-Americans and Hispanics united behind an issue! 

Individuals from both communities asked the board to keep the policy requiring administrators to live in the city.  Dr. Hinojosa has been successful at one thing thus far -- uniting the Hispanic and African-American communities, even if it's only on this one issue!  This is historic in DISD.  For that I have to say good job, Dr. Hinojosa!
Gehrig Salda?
Vice-President, Dallas LULAC Council 4496





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8