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10/12/07  DISD Residency Requirements for Executive Level Staff

Dr. Lew Blackburn's comments at the 10/11/07 DISD Board meeting against eliminating the school board policy on residency requirements for Dallas ISD administrators (executive level) were excellent! 

Ms. Carla Ranger's idea to base the policy on salary caps was also goodSee DISD trustees squabble over executives' residency requirement
 (Dallas, 10/12/07)

The original intent of this policy was to ensure that sufficient minority representation was inclusive in Dallas ISD School educator and administrative positions.  

Dr. Edwin Flores does not understand his own arguments.  Since when does the general superintendent set policy? His pseudo-polarization comments of "mini-micro-managing" shows Dr. Edwin Flores believes that friendship-otism should be replacing nepotism at Dallas ISD, and that the general superintendent should be writing school board "Broad" policy. 

On the Road to Broad, we are adopting a Kindergarten Model to where if the superintendent isn't doing his job, the board just personalizes school policy to fit his administration.  And, Dr. Hinojosa is talkin' about raising educational standards? 

First, Dr. Hinojosa radically changes job descriptions for top administrators, then he transforms his "amigos" into educational transformers, then he uses an unheard of wage-scale of $180,000 to $180,000.  Lastly, he wants to let them live anywhere between New York and Los Angelus.

Perhaps these residency policy changes are good cultural changes because the former LULAC national president who continues to be employed by Dallas ISD may now criss-cross the nation and live between his hide-out in El Paso and Washington, D.C.  Hector Flores already travels to Puerto Rico, Mexico and other "grand Hispania" satellites at taxpayer expense while wining and dining his next victims - "bilingual education teachers".  

Dr. Hinojosa?s educational administrative paradigm changes on his Road to Broad are highly irrational.  They contain unexplained changes that are unwritten, unspoken,and even unconscious?certainly cost prohibitive. 

Before I conclude, I want to ask if some day we can name one school for Malcom ?X?. As a child, I always saw him as a role model.  Somehow, we must honor all the hard work and good deeds he did for this great land of ours. His comments, ?By any means Necessary!? fit appropriately both in this case and graduation rates!

Please don't put too much faith in Dr. Hinojosa's new paradigm--the Road to Broad is flawed.  His decisions to change policy on residency requirements are not his to make.  Certainly these changes should not be to personalize his current administration.

I don't know why I want to call the Road to Broad the Bermuda Triangle.  Maybe, I am thinking of a love triangle.
Harry Trujillo





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