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10/31/07 Must watches furnished by Sam Merten @
TrinityVote Yes TV spot.
Spence & McGuire's Trinity Toll Road Halloween Message.
Justin Spence & Hunter McGuire's Trinity Toll Road Spot.
"So, factually speaking, TrinityVote's own TV advertisement is solid..."
10/30/07 Gehrig Salda?:  DISD Trustees say NO to Dr. Hinojosa?
Must read:
Sam Merten More Vote No! Deception (
10/29/07 Slow turnout in early voting. new comments 10/30
Gehrig Salda?:  Trinity Vote Yes! Univited
Stan Aten:  Trinity Toll Road Funny Numbers
10/27/07 Rafael Rodriguez:  N Dallas Tollway's impact on Little Mexico.
10/26/07 Gehrig Salda?:  The Laura Miller's Toll Road Factor.
Must read:
Victoria Loe Hicks: Don't let toll road ruin our defining parkland
(DMN Op-Ed)
10/25/07 Must reads:
Angela Hunt: Vote Yes ? and keep officials from turning park into massive roads project
(DMN Op-Ed)
Jim Schutze: Vote Yes ? let's use our heads, as we did with expansion of Central (DMN Op-Ed)
Donna Blumer: Vote yes to save money and don't worry about imprecise scare tactics from the other side (DMN Op-Ed)
10/24/07 Homestretch to November 6 Referendum.
Gehrig Salda?:  Dr. Hinojosa gets "F" for Fuzzy Math.
10/22/07 Stan Aten:  Exchange with Rebecca Dugger.
David Tuthill:  Toll road is just a bad idea.
Must reads: 
Sandy Greyson/John Loza:  We need a park of grass, not concrete   (DMN Op-Ed)
Sam Merten's Leppert Must Condemn Dugger (
10/18/07 Rafael Rodriguez:  Jim Schutze & Sam Merten exposing truth
Morine Kovich:  My visit with the Mayor & why I'm voting YES.

Must reads: 
Rudolph Bush does Schutze: 
Local columnist propels Trinity toll road debate (DMN)
Jim Schutze: Gunfight at the Trinity (
10/17/07 Vote No! sterotypes African-Americans with this radio adv/
Patrick L. Boyd:  Notes from Ron Kirk Show at Hitt Auditorium
Steven Alpert:  Trinity Vote Yes! to save the park
Gary Turner:  Trash the Trinity Project - back to basics

Must read: 
Sam Coats: We need to move the cars around Dallas, not through it    (DMN Op-Ed)
10/16/07 DMN prints Sharon Boyd: Trinity's Vote yes group anything but small
More people signed Trinity Vote Petitions than voted for you, Mr. Mayor.
Reactions to Op-Ed

Bill Betzen:  Report on evening w/Ron Kirk at Methodist Hospital.
Jesse Diaz:  Unfair campaign tactics by City Officials?

Must read: 
Sam Merten: The Ultimate Irony: NTTA Sinks Vote No! (
10/15/07 Belo & Vote No! Campaign stoop to new lows.  Afraid of Angela? w/comments (new 10/16)
10/13/07 Gehrig Salda?:  Dr. Hinojosa has accidentally done one thing right.
10/12/07 Harry Trujillo:  Thanks to Dr. Blackburn and Ms. Ranger for defending DISD Residency Policy
10/11/07 Jesse Diaz DISD Residency Policy: Maintain, Control & Strengthen Policy!
10/10/07 David Tuthill:  Thoughts on Vote No! Campaign flyer.
10/08/07 Betty Culbreath:  Council is culpable for corruption.
Todd Bensman:  Officials' ties to developer scrutinized
(First appeared 6/21/05 San Antonio Express) Same developers as Dallas, different crooked politicians.
10/05/07 Wes Pool puts his $$ where his heart is - Vote Yes on Nov 6
10/04/07 Been there, done that -- Watkins plays the race card.  What a shock!
Must reads:
Jim Schutze
Same Sick Story (
Hank Tatum:  Federal Courts Left Dallas Vulnerable to Scandal from
10/01/07 ODB Dirty Campaign Tricks - heavy leverage on city staff  revised 10/2
Must reads: 
Sam Merten: Is Dugger a Puppet for Trinity Commons Foundation? (
Bush/Tomaso/Levinthal City staffers accused of taking sides on Trinity toll road (DMN)





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8