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Campaign of Confusion
Déjà vu - all over again!
Verified Non-Response
DISD Picks on Wrong Woman


9/27/07 Velveeta and Mayor Tom were no match for Angela & Sandy.
Allen Gwinn's Dallas.Org: Free Money: DISD Travel Per-Diem Database
Brett Shipp:  DISD incurs 'eye-popping' costs on Canada trip
9/26/07 Rafael Rodriguez Dallas voters know difference between a toll road and a parkway in the Trinity flood plain.
Diana Flores:  DISD/Dr. Hinojosa treatment of Sherri Brokaw
Gehrig Salda?:  Dr. Hinojosa has become a cry baby.
9/24/07 Stan Aten:  Alternatives to a Trinity River Toll Road
9/22/07 Ch. 8's Brad Watson makes Mayor Leppert un-comfortable:
Trinity tollroad plan 'could change'
When News 8 asked Mayor Leppert to clarify, given Corps' position,
he answered:  It depends on your definition of exact
.  He really said it.
9/21/07 James Murphy:  Sherri Brokaw vs DISD, Dr. Hinojosa, et al
David Tuthill:  Pretty Trinity Pictures - only skin deep.
9/20/07 Un-comfortable with Mayor Leppert's "comfortable with" stance.
Gehrig Salda?:  Jim Schutze story and DISD ongoing problems.
Must reads:  DallasBlog's Sam Merten: Leppert Talks Trinity
   DallasObserver's Jim Schutze Scapegoat  (DISD's Dr H vs Sherri Brokaw)
9/18/07 Responsibility - It takes a parent, not a village.  w/comments (new 9/20)
9/17/07 Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D.:  OJ Ethics
9/14/07 Allen Gwinn's Dallas.Org: Wanted: Video of City Staff Campaigning
$100 reward
9/13/07 Is Mayor Leppert Ron Kirk lite?  Sure acting like him.  w/comments  (new 9/17)Must reads: Allen Gwinn's Dallas.Org: Ron Price's campaign is $14K  Short
   DallasObserver's Jim Schutze Baby Mitch
9/07/07 Harry Trujillo:  Letter to School Board President
9/06/07 Verified Non-Response:  Is Council taking cue from Commissioners?
Must reads: DallasObserver's Jim Schutze Put Out
   Allen Gwinn's Dallas.Org:
Ron Price's campaign is $14K  Short   
9/05/07 David Tuthill:  Verified response = very little DPD response.
9/04/07 Sherri Brokaw wants her day in court - won't be a fall guy for Dr. H. w/comments
Must read:  Allen Gwinn's Dallas.Org: DISD withdraws Brokaw termination





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8