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Commissioners Fixed It!
DISD's Double Dipping
Fix it, Commissioners.
Bait & Switch II
Bait & Switch
London Bridge is falling down,


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File Size: 25 KB 8/29/07 County Commissioners fixed it!  Congratulations to all involved.
8/28/07 Betty Culbreath:  Dallas/DISD Budget and other mayhem
James Northrup responds to Allen Gwinn's
DISD: No Mas Ingles
8/27/07 DISD's double-dipping from Dallas taxpayers.  City needs to get back to basics and stop duplicating services of other taxing authorities.
Gehrig Salda?:  DISD Credit Card Abuse
Must read:  Allen Gwinn's DISD: No Mas Ingles
8/21/07 Fix it, Commissioners!  Restore the $69K exemption for seniors.
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Provided by: Animation Factory 8/18/0 Betty Culbreath:  Commissioners' Mistake was Staff's Intent
Allen Gwinn's Dallas.Org: 
Crime Wave: And Police Don't Want Pictures
8/17/07 Bait & Switch II - County Commissioners pull a fast one on Baby Boomers
Must read:  DallasObserver's Jim Schutze Mirror, Mirror ODB's pork
8/15/07 Darryl Baker:  City Budgeting
Betty Culbreath:  Angela Hunt and Dwaine Caraway
8/13/07 Bait and Switch - ODB and their lackeys start the propaganda war. w/comments
David Tuthill responds to Chris Heinbaugh's report.
DA Craig Watkins responds to DMN.  (He really asked me to post this on
Michael Davis reports on District 4 demolition of 2 crack houses.
David Tuthill responds to proposed 3% city property tax increase.
Must read:  DallasObserver's Jim Schutze In and Out  Jim Foster is a hard man to find
8/07/07 Must read:  Chris Heinbaugh's Discrepancies uncovered in pricing of upscale homes  Best part:  Bill Blaydes concern re rich people not paying their share of property taxes - except for Ray Hunt.
8/03/07 Save our sturdy Houston Street Viaduct.
David Tuthill responds to Dallas News editorial on County budget.
Darryl Baker:  Houston Street Viaduct & City Budgeting





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8