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07/07/04   Dallas Managed News strikes again!

If you like a lot of people saw the following Dallas Managed News story, you probably went ballistic.  With our lack of funding for more Code Enforcement inspectors or more police and firefighters, and better equipment for all, it is incredible to think that anyone would consider diverting $250K or more from basic services for Dallas CITIZENS and TAXPAYERS to fund an office at City Hall for immigrants, legal and illegal.

Leppert supports immigrant office;
Mayor has a few questions amid heavy lobbying for agency
Tuesday, July 3, 2007 By DIANNE SOL? / The Dallas Morning News

    Tom Leppert's mayoral victory was less than a week old when the lobbying intensified from an unusual camp: immigrants.
   They wanted an office of immigrant affairs, dedicated to assimilating immigrants, legal and illegal, into the city of Dallas.
   There's urgency, they argued: Congress' decision not to revamp the nation's immigration system heightens the need for cities to take action. In Dallas, one of four people is foreign-born.
   At a victory reception held by Latino groups for the new mayor Thursday, Mr. Leppert said he is committed to opening an office of immigrant affairs.
   "All I want is to make sure we have a clear direction," said Mr. Leppert, a former construction firm CEO. "Who does it serve and how are we going to measure its success?"
... City Council member Steve Salazar suggested an office of immigrant affairs last year, but his proposal was tabled. Mr. Salazar, the U.S.-born son of a legal immigrant from Mexico, said he's working on its revival.
   Claudia Herrmann, an immigrant who heads one of the largest Mexican hometown or homestate associations in the Dallas area, is also bending Mr. Leppert's ear. Four days after Mr. Leppert's victory, Ms. Herrmann wrote him a three-page proposal on how she believes an office of immigrant affairs should work.
   "We applaud that you have recognized the need to create a Dallas Office for New Americans," it read, "to help immigrants from different countries as well as international refugees to adjust to their new life in Dallas."
... "You have to deal with the people already here," Ms. Herrmann said. "It would take an army to deport everyone, and you would have economic chaos if you did. It is extremely important that the city of Dallas has an office attending to the needs of immigrants ? and immigrants from all over the U.S."
The proposed office could focus on connecting the foreign-born to social service agencies in the city, Ms. Herrmann said, and on teaching immigrants about basic services, such as how 911 works for emergencies and how to use the Dallas Public Library.
...  The city began its budget process two weeks ago, and the budget does not currently fund an office of immigrant affairs. But Mr. Salazar said he would introduce a proposal for an office later this month. The cost is yet to be determined.
...  The changing demographic DNA of Dallas was vividly apparent at the victory party Thursday for Mr. Leppert. Mexican association leaders mingled in clusters with other Spanish-speakers, while native-born Mexican-Americans swapped stories in English or Spanglish over cheese and wine.
...  In Dallas, Latinos are more likely to be foreign-born than native-born, which is not true for the nation as a whole, according to the U.S. Census. ...

Sounds pretty horrible, right?  Fortunately, Dianne Sol? is either an incredibly inept reporter or she is an outright liar, or both.  She certainly is not an unbiased reporter.  Rather, she has an agenda.

Several Dallas citizens contacted the Mayor's Office to state their opposition.  Mayor Leppert actually called one angry citizen back.  He denied supporting or opposing an immigrant affairs office at City Hall.  He says he told the proponents to "bring me a plan, and we will look at it".  Sol? can't blame whoever wrote the headline for misconstruing her story.  Use the link, to read her complete misrepresentation disguised as a news story.  This is becoming typical of the misdoings at Belo's Dallas Managed News.     Gehrig Salda?:
Chihuahua! -- Sharon's still has a Big Firecracker from July 4th!!!

It was astounding to read the DMN editorial, Fighting the Good Fight, where they actually  had something good to say about President Bush.  They applaud the President for pushing an immigration bill that 80% of U.S. citizens oppose.  They criticize Senators Cornyn and Hutchinson for listening to their constituents -- the Texans who elected them. 

DMN Editorial Board will have the same contempt for the will of 80,000 Dallas citizens who do not want a toll road inside the Trinity River.  Rather than support this incredible display of Democracy, Our Downtown Betters (the ODB), are already strategizing how to stop the will of Dallas citizens -- Dallas taxpayers.

Things are so out of balance this July 4th of 2007 that last Saturday (6/30/7) a DISD school board member refused to speak English to a crowd of Dallas parents rallying against the heroin combination called "cheese".  The crowd included Whites, Blacks and Non-Spanish-speaking Hispanics.  The school board member smugly refused to speak English or answer questions in English.  It was left to former Councilman Domingo Garcia to translate what the school board member had said to the crowd.  Mind you, the school board member represents a predominantly White constituency in North Dallas.  What was that about?

Really strange situation when Domingo Garcia has to be the good guy.

Back to the proposed Office of Immigration Affairs at City Hall, I sent the following e-mail to Mayor Leppert:

Immigration Office at City Hall - Bad Idea!

Dear Mayor Leppert:

Unfortunately, my first communication with you after your swearing-ing will be to advise of my opposition to your idea for an Immigration Office at City Hall to "help immigrants assimilate".

Not only is it a waste of scarce taxpayer dollars on people who are NOT taxpayers, but that money would be better spent on more police officers and equipment and more code enforcement inspectors.

Immigrants to this country have been "assimilating" into our culture for centuries without bureaucratic assistance. People were expected to become Americans if they came to the U.S. It is insulting to new LEGAL immigrants to assume they are less capable than those who came before them. We can't expect much from those who come here ILLEGALLY because their very actions are testimony to their lack of respect for our laws, much less our culture.

My neighborhood is being destroyed by illegal and new immigrants. My Hispanic neighbors who are LEGAL resident aliens are as upset about the situation as are my Anglo and African-American and Asian-American neighbors. Our homes may be modest by your standards, but they are major investments for us.

The money you propose to waste on your Immigration Office would be better spent beefing up Code Enforcement.  We currently have several homes on my street that are clearly occupied by multiple families, multiple immigrant families.  There are three houses on my block with at least 6 or more trucks regularly/permanently parked in their driveways and in front of the houses.   Emergency vehicles could not get down my street on most weekends.

My neighborhood school is crammed full of kids, but not from my neighborhood.

If your proposed Immigration Office had a staff of 20, it would not be enough to make one bit of difference that would improve the lives of Dallas taxpayers of all ethnicities. Do you remember the African-American lady that you met when you and Councilman Caraway were walking South Dallas neighborhoods and TV crew was with you? The lady who said she wasn't voting for either one of you because you weren't addressing the immigration issue? She said the illegal immigrants were destroying our country.

It's bad enough that Dallas police officers cannot assist with capturing illegals in this city, but what you propose will encourage more criminals to migrate to Dallas. It may not be politically correct, but people who violate our immigration laws are criminals, hence the term ILLEGAL immigrants.

This is a bad idea that is going to outrage many of the people who elected you.   I hope you will reconsider before any taxpayer dollars are wasted on assisting non-taxpayers when Dallas citizens are begging for more police officers and better code enforcement.

Sharon L. Boyd

The e-mail was sent before I learned Dianne Sol? story was not factual.  So, wherever, I said "you" or "your" thinking Mayor Leppert supported the proposed Office of Immigration Affairs, I should have said "they" or "their". 

Can you imagine a bunch of Americans demanding a city in Mexico provide a special office to deal with their wants and needs, much less help them assimilate into Mexican culture?  Mexico deals very harshly with illegal immigrants.  It is insulting to assume today's immigrants are less capable or dumber than their predecessors.  According to Sol?, 27% of the population of Dallas, Texas are immigrants, and 72% of those immigrants come from Mexico. 

My next door neighbors are legal immigrants from Mexico.  Two doors down, my neighbors are legal immigrants from Mexico.  They are as victimized as anyone by what is happening in my neighborhood, if not more.  They follow the rules.  They respect their neighbors.  Yet, the peaceful enjoyment of their homes is being denied by residents of 2 rental properties.

The money that would be wasted on an Office of Immigration Affairs would be better spent hiring more Code Enforcement inspectors to insure Dallas neighborhoods are protected from abusive occupants of rental properties.  Almost every moderate to low income neighborhood in this city experiences similar problems as what happens in my neighborhood.

The money that would be wasted on an Office of Immigration Affairs would be better spent hiring more police officers.  Just this week, local LULAC president Jesse Diaz was car-jacked at gunpoint in Pleasant Grove.  In his interview with Ch. 11's Jay Gormerly (see
Local Hispanic Activist Survives Carjacking), Diaz says, "What was troubling to me is, I called police four times, and it took them 30 minutes to arrive."   It's unreasonable to expect police to respond to our neighborhood traffic/parking/noise problems when they don't have enough personnel to timely respond to a car-jacking.

Dallas taxpayers' dollars should be spent FIRST on protecting our persons and our property. 

When someone can name one major city in Mexico, Central America or South America that offers a government office to help non-citizens "assimilate", I might reconsider my objections to an Immigration Office at Dallas City Hall.

It is  amazing for a school board member to refuse to speak English at a rally of Dallas parents of multiple ethnicities within days of a group of immigrants demanding Dallas taxpayers furnish them their own office and staff at City Hall. 

All of this when we are celebrating our Independence Day, July 4th? 






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8