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5/1/7  How dare Mayor Miller try to thwart citizens' basic right to petition their government?

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File Size: 26 KB   Angela Hunt has Our Downtown Betters (the ODB) really rattled.  Why else would they spend a fortune mailing a campaign piece citywide to warn voters against signing the TrinityVote petitions?  These days when the ODB are upset it's not just Con Jerk/Ron Kirk who takes to the radio to try to control the unwashed masses.  Now, the ODB has their former nemesis, Laura Miller, out there lying to the public.  She has no idea how foolish and dishonest she looks.  She no longer has a base to rally because we don't trust her anymore, and her new friends among the ODB never did.
When you got home Monday night, did you have a copy of Mayor Miller's flyer, mailed under the return address of The Trinity Commons Foundation, presumably at the 501(c)(3)'s expense?      5/1 Stan Aten:
I wonder if the IRS would be interested in this flyer and their tax exempt status?

This is not an issue flyer.  It is an appeal to voters, and that makes it a political advertisement, but there is no disclaimer:

VOTER ALERT:  Beware of Petitioners at Polling Locations!

It is a political advertisement paid for by a tax exempt organization that is forbidden by law to play in politics.

Do you know what would have happened if the Mayor of Farmers Branch and some old has beens had tried to interfere with the petition collectors who were trying to get a referendum on Farmers Branch's illegal immigrant ordinance?  The Justice Department would be all over them in a heart beat.  I office just north of LBJ, right on the Farmers Branch line,  While they were collecting signatures, I was hit up outside a drug store by a well dressed young Black guy and a young blonde woman to sign their petition "to support the ordinance".  I asked to see the petition's verbiage.  I asked again if the petition was to support the ordinance as they said.  Oh, yes.  -- I then laughed, told them they were lying and that I lived in Dallas.  Even if they were paid to stand out there and lie to people to get them to sign their petition, they had a right to be there and doing what they were doing.

I cannot believe Mayor Miller has teamed up with Con Jerk and Donna Halstead to interfere with a citizen effort.  I can believe Con Jerk and Halstead would be trying to silence public voices, but Laura Miller?


Have you ever heard of such desperation?  There's no guarantee TrintyVote will get the required 50-55,000 signatures, but it's very possible. 

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File Size: 26 KB   The ODB and Mayor Miller know the TrinityVote folks have a lot of support behind them - citywide.  The ODB and Mayor Miller tipped their hand as to their worry with this expensive mailer.  They know it's very likely the TrinityVote folks will get the required signatures and then some.  They wasted a bunch of money on their flyer, but wasting money is what the ODB does best.
In the first place, voters did not approve the current plan.  The Trinity Project was to be a river park with a parkway/boulevard along side.  It was not to be a traffic reliever for I-35.  That's not what we voted for or against in 1998.

The Trinity Commons Foundation, Laura Miller and Ron Kirk know what the voters want, and it's not a toll road and a multi-billion dollar redo of a sewer trough.  They know the voters DO NOT WANT the Trinity Development Project at all.  That's why they are trying to interfere with the petition effort.
5/1/  James Northrup:
Note that there will be no totally secure way to pump storm water run-off out of the Toll Trough (To where ? ) 
So, every time there is a hard rain, the Toll Trough will have to be closed by the Corps as a precautionary measure.   A flooded section could trap motorists - as could any wreck in any rain storm - and set up a catastrophe.
he Corp will make sure that the Toll Trough fills long before the levees are threatened.
All the other planned, funded projects are proceeding without the Toll Trough.
    The referendum will put all that into perspective.

Why are they calling the Trinity Tollroad the "Trinity Parkway"?  It's a fast toll road, not a parkway.  The traffic reliever should be down Industrial Blvd., not down the Trinity River bottoms.

Mayor Miller and her allies know the voters very likely want to "kill the whole development project", and a lot of developers, architects and realtors are in a state of panic at the notion their cookie jar may be taken from them.

Taxpayers don't like the current Trinity Project configuration or the ballooned costs -- even if Mayor Miller is so proud of it. 

  Mayor Miller and Angela HuntErunt into the studio to debate the Trinity River prject.
Did you hear the debate on KRLD between Laura Miller and Angela Hunt?
If the link doesn't work, go to  Laura Miller was so patronizing. 

The host did a good job of staying out of the way and letting the two women make their case.  Still, Laura Miller sounded like she was tattling on Angela Hunt.  She kept talking about how Angela should be using her energy toward a more positive position.  I am not kidding!  Laura said everyone on the council had tried to reason with Angela, but she just would not listen to people who were so much smarter than Angela, like Laura Miller and Ron Kirk. 

It was surreal to hear Mayor Miller continually referring to Ron Kirk for affirmation of her side.  Ron Kirk is yesterday's news.  His only influence in this town is with the ODB. 

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File Size: 26 KB   The TrinityVote people outnumbered Mayor Miller's gang at her press conference announcing the "Sink the Petition/Save the Trinity" effort.   Very telling.  Angela and the TrinityVote people could not have bought the attention that the Trinity Commons Foundation and Mayor Miller gave them with this ridiculous flyer and that bizarre press conference with Mayor Miller surrounded by people who despise her.  Talk about leaving your rear flank exposed.
Why don't you volunteer as a signature collector for TrinityVote?  As soon as the May 12 election is behind us, I'm going to do just that myself.    
5/1  James Northrup:
Mailing a flyer to tell someone to "beware" of a petition is a great advertisement for the petition.  Where do I sign?






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8