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Taking Other People's Property
Blaydes & Co.'s Attempted Land Grab
Ray Hunt's backing Ed Oakley!
Five weeks and counting?
Divided City
Dallas Jock Sniffers
It's Not the American Way


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File Size: 13 KB 05/31/07 Taking other people's property.
Must read Jim Schutze's The Good Laura Or, how Bill Blaydes locked up the Bastard of the Year award (w/Ed Oakley's help).
05/24/07 Council thwarts Bill Blaydes' land grab plans. w/comments
05/23/07 Must read Todd Bensman's Breaching America Series
War refugees or threats?; The Latin connection; Stuck in the middle
'I've made it to America';
Audio Interview
05/22/07 Jesse Diaz endorses Betty Culbreath for District 5.
05/21/07 Why is Ray Hunt backing Ed Oakley?  $6.3 mil tax abatement
James Waghorne:  Who are we?

05/17/07 Rene Matus:  Mayor Ed?  Pretty Scary!
Darryl Baker:  City Thoughts and Worries
Democracy in Action Sharon Boyd messes with the Ol' Dirty Blockers (Patrick Williams/Dallas Observer)
05/16/07 Gehrig Saldana:  DISD Brass need to wake up!
05/15/07 Weird Dallas politics w/comments
05/13/07 Allen Gwinn's Open Letter to CP Henry
(Gary Griffith's hit man/campaign manager)
05/10/07 Why is Ed Oakley trying to divide the city?
05/07/07 Don't Dis My Mavericks.  They're not robots.  
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File Size: 26 KB 05/02/07 Michael Davis:  Dwaine Caraway - District 4
05/01/07 It's UnAmerican to interfere with the right to petition our government. w/comments
David Tuthill
Where's our property tax relief?





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8