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In The Dallas Morning News article cited below, Hill says FBI query politically motivated, Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price hits the nail on the head.   Commissioner Price described Dallas mayoral candidate Don Hill's decision to play the race card in the upcoming Dallas mayoral election as an unfortunate act of "desperation".

You don't wait until the eve of early voting in the 2007 Dallas Mayoral election to complain about what an FBI agent may have said to you in June, 2005.  If the agent said what Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill claims, he should have filed a complaint immediately against the FBI agent.

Looks like mayoral candidates Tom Leppert, Ed Oakley and Max Wells have succeeded in garnishing a big chunk of Dallas' southern sector votes which Don Hill thought were a sure vote for him. 

I'm surprised Ed Oakley decided to join in on the race card game by sounding an alert asking southern sector voters to dismiss southern sector Black leaders who support North Dallas mayoral candidates.

Dallas' citizens deserve honest, transparent governance.  Hopefully, both U.S. Attorney Richard Roper and Robert Casey (special agent in charge of the Dallas FBI office) will soon conclude their investigations and hold accountable anyone who committed a crime. 

God forbid if U.S. Attorney Richard Roper and Dallas FBI head Robert Casey are investigating the City Hall corruption issue like DISD is investigating their current credit card fraud scandal.  Charging DISD taxpayers $1 Million to  interview less than 20% of DISD employees identified as abusing their DISD issued credit cards by the law firm hired by DISD to investigate the DISD credit card fraud scandal is not very smart.

Hill says FBI query politically motivated;
Elections: Federal officials deny that mayor's race played role in probe
Wednesday, April 25, 2007 By GROMER JEFFERS JR

     In a move that could buoy or sink his campaign, Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill said Tuesday that the FBI investigation into possible City Hall corruption was in part politically motivated to prevent him from becoming Dallas mayor. ...
Mr. Hill, the city's mayor pro tem, did not specify why he believed federal authorities did not want him to become mayor. But he said an agent told him the evening his office and home were raided in June 2005 that his career was finished.
...  Federal authorities were quick to deny Mr. Hill's allegations, saying the mayoral election had nothing to do with their investigation. While they continued to decline to discuss specifics of the investigation, their comments Tuesday were the most comprehensive statements that authorities have made about the case.
   "Any investigation we have is not politically motivated. It's just not going to happen," U.S. Attorney Richard Roper said Tuesday when told of Mr. Hill's statements. "He's never brought this complaint to the attention of the U.S. attorney's office."
...  Mr. Hill conceded Tuesday that he had not filed a complaint against the agent he says made the remarks. But he didn't back away from his belief that the investigation was politically motivated.
...  Mr. Hill is trying to appeal to a segment of voters who have deep-seated distrust of the FBI.

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, who is supporting former council member and banker Max Wells, said the investigation is irrelevant to voters in southern Dallas.
    "It's desperation, unfortunately," he said. "The FBI has nothing to do with who we are supporting and who we are not supporting. Don should know that."
...  Mr. Hill has acknowledged that other candidates are trying to pry voters from his base.
   Radio talk show host Willis Johnson is running a southern sector campaign for former Turner Corp. CEO Tom Leppert that includes support from Friendship West Baptist Church Pastor Frederick Haynes.
   Former council members Al Lipscomb, Diane Ragsdale and Don Hicks are backing Mr. Wells. Mr. Hicks is Mr. Hill's former law partner.
   In a twist, council member and mayoral candidate Ed Oakley urged voters to reject the advice of those endorsing North Dallas candidates in favor of Mr. Hill or himself. Both men live in Oak Cliff. ...






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8