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4/15/07  Advice to Dallas Achieves Commission

If the Dallas Achieves Commission has identified DISD as being too unwieldy, too bureaucratic and with too many managers supervising too few employees they should include in their recommendations a plan and timetable to reduce the number of those managers supervising too few employees.

Am I missing something here? 

Panel advises DISD to expand its school choice
Commission also tells trustees to cut bad teachers, bureaucracy
Friday, April 13, 2007 By KENT FISCHER / The Dallas Morning News

     The Dallas Independent School District needs to offer parents more choice in the schools their children attend, expand its preschool programs and weed out its poor teachers if it is to become an exemplary urban school system.
   That was some of the advice given to district trustees Thursday by the group of community leaders and experts guiding DISD's reform and improvement efforts. The group made nearly 100 recommendations, touching on everything from curriculum to how to better engage parents in district activities.
... The commission told trustees that the district needs to slash the bureaucracy of its central office. DISD has too many managers supervising too few people, commission members said, citing about "10 to 11 layers" of administrators between Dr. Hinojosa and "the front lines" ? the schools.
   In addition, the central office needs a "culture and mentality shift" to one of customer service for its consumers ? schools and parents.
... Some of the panel's recommendations elicited rebukes from a teacher's union representative, although she also praised the suggestion that young and struggling educators get more assistance and coaching.
   "Linking student test scores to compensation, bonuses or evaluation is not educationally sound," said Aimee Bolender, president of Alliance/AFT.  ...
A more proper name for this department should be Transparent Transformation Management Office. The DISD should leave no stone unturned as it seeks to transform its current negative image. 

irst and foremost, Dr. Michael Hinojosa and the entire DISD School Board should not hire anyone for this position or even to work in this department who is found guilty of either committing credit card fraud of the DISD credit card or anyone found guilty of committing violations of administrative policies connected to the DISD credit card scandal.
The Dallas Achieves Commission should read Allen Gwinn's posting on www.Dallas.Org and make recommendations for a plan of action on how to better care for DISD school taxpayer funds when conducting investigations like the DISD credit card fraud scandal.  Mr. Gwinn gives Dallas' taxpayers a very clear picture of the shoddy DISD credit card fraud investigation that is being done to date I'm sure Part II of his report will further enlighten Dallas' taxpayers.  

y question to the general media is why have they not covered the extent and range of the investigation taking place connected to the DISD credit card scandal?  It appears there is a Big Brother element trying to put a lid on the how the DISD credit card scandal is being resolved.

After reading Allen's posting on his website on the DISD Credit Card Scandal it appears DISD taxpayers are footing the bill for a shoddy investigation that will not produce a sufficient number of criminal charges to those who committed credit card fraud of the DISD credit card.

Do you get the sense DISD stakeholders are being hoodwinked by a taxpayer-funded investigation that is designed to produce criminal charges to only a fraction (10-25) of the 600+ DISD employees who have been identified as abusing (should be called committing fraud) DISD credit cards?

How does Dr. Michael Hinojosa decide who gets criminally charged or who gets administrative punishment for committing credit card fraud?

How does Dr. Michael Hinojosa decide how much money a DISD employee has to steal from the DISD credit card to be criminal charged? 

How does Dr. Michael Hinojosa decide how much money do DISD employees have to steal from the DISD credit card to be assessed administrative punishment?

Where does Dr. Michael Hinojosa draw the line on the aforementioned questions?  Why don't media reporters ask Dr. Hinojosa those questions? Why give Dr. Hinojosa a free ride on that?

Many thanks to Dallas.Org and Allen Gwinn for revealing what appears to be a concerted effort to marginalize and protect top DISD administrators from being held criminally accountable for committing credit card fraud of the DISD credit card. 

Anyone on the Dallas Achieves Commission having a hard time receiving their meeting notices?  I understand there are a few commission members who have been outspoken about the district's credit card scandal and the district's problem with the drug 'cheese' issue who are not being notified of scheduled meetings.  Rather childish behavior if it this is being done by design. Violators of this issue should receive 'timeout' punishment and sit in a classroom corner for a specified amount of time designated by the Dallas Achieves Commission, right?   






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8