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3/07/07  Ungrateful hoodlums, not responding to DA's high hopes!

Don't you want to break out into that awful song by Baha Men "Who Let the Dogs Out?  Who let the thugs out? Who? Who? Who?  Who let the thugs out?  Who? Who? Who?

We've got an incompetent Sheriff who is still trying to blame all the jail woes on her predecessor after 24 months in office.  We've got a County Commissioner who denied the previous Sheriff's request for additional jail funding criticizing mayoral candidates for their expressed concerned about the DA dumping thieves and hookers back on our streets.  We've got a DA who doesn't want to prosecute criminals and blames defeated Republican judges for the jail overcrowding.  You know what they all have in common?  I didn't vote for any of them.

In Issues, Dilemmas, I expressed concern about our criminal-loving DA dumping 700 criminals back on Dallas streets.  Those bad guys/gals are not going out to the suburbs.  They are staying right here in Dallas to terrorize and victimize Dallas citizens and taxpayers.  Once again, Dallas is carrying the load for the rest of the towns in Dallas County.  CBS11's J.D. Miles had a blockbuster story this week:

Convicted Robber Released Early, Strikes Again
By J D Miles  3/5/7

(CBS 11 News) DALLAS An armed robber is off the streets, but that has Dallas police up in arms.
   The alleged robber is accused of committing a crime only days after being released to ease overcrowding at the jail.
   Richard Cox is accused of pointing a gun at an employee of a southeast Dallas restaurant and demanding money.
   He was among 700 inmates released through plea bargains last month in a desperate effort to keep the overcrowded county jail open.
   He served 15 days for theft even though it was his third conviction and qualified as a state jail felony with a maximum two-year sentence.
   The early release plea bargains were a controversial move that some police officers say has back fired.
   "We're going to let criminals on the street, and we're going to let them run wild," said Glenn White, Dallas Police Association president.
   Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins blames the problem on Republican judges who he said left their benches early after being swept out of office last year.
   "If we hadn't made the decision that we made, the county residents would have been stuck with a $16-million bill," said Watkins. "We were stuck between a rock and a hard place."
   Cox is back in jail Monday night and the DA said he will push for the maximum sentence.

We were lied to by our criminal-loving DA.  He was supposed to be releasing "low-level felons".  As I wrote on UnFair Park:  Those 370+ early releases of ?low level felonies? last week are coming back to our neighborhoods to rob and terrorize us again. Breaking into a car is not a felony in this state. So, ?low level felonies? are pretty serious bad guys/gals.   This Richard Cox is typical of the 700 "low level felonies" DA Watkins has dumped on Dallas. 

How dare that bail bondsman blame the current county jail disaster on Republican judges who lost their benches in the November election!  In the first place, not every judge who lost his or her bench was a criminal judge.  In the second place, they had earned vacation time, which is part of their compensation package.  If they had enough unused vacation time to take them from November to January 1, why shouldn't they take time off?  If your employer terminated you, wouldn't you take whatever paid leave or benefits you had coming?  Dallas County voters turned out some excellent criminal judges, like Lisa Fox and Faith Hill.  They owed us nothing back.     3/8/7 Rad Field:
ail Criminal Early Release Program is DISGUSTING

  I agree that the County or State should not be letting Felons and Class "A" Misdemeanor criminals out onto the street prior to the end of their sentences or earned release for good time.  You and I agree and thousands of citizens and businessmen in our County believe that the early releases are "INSANE".  What bothers me and others is WHY are we not hearing outrage from our Chief Of Police, or City Manger, and our Mayor.  We have the highest crime in the U.S. and our elected and appointed public officials are basically MUTE on this latest addition to criminal activity.  Those running for Mayor in Dallas should be screaming aloud about this insanity.  Yet all we basically hear from the D.A. and the County Sheriff is that the GOP let this happen and the County does not want to spend the millions necessary to build more penal institutions.  I'd suggest putting up large tents in the Cotton Bowl and utilize the Reunion Arena to store all the would be killers and robbers.  They don't have to have air conditioned quarters with color television.  Our military overseas is not privileged to have lavish quarters --- they sleep in trenches or in tanks much of the time. 
  If Dallas wants to be a class city and reduce crime, the
leaders of this City and County need to speak out daily on these issues and DO SOMETHING
about them.  Our U.S. Congress spends more time each day jabbering about much less important issues and it appears to many, the Congress is running down our country as days go by.  Most of our City and County leaders are just at the top of the disgusting

You know what we got in place of Judge Bruce Woody?  We got a moron who threw out an agreed summary judgment between a credit card company and a debtor because the agreement had not been furnished to him in Spanish.  Do you think that non-English speaking debtor signed up for his credit card in Spanish?  There is an interesting report about this mess on with some partisans defending the Judge who know nothing about courtroom rules or state law.  MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT DENIED BECAUSE PLEADINGS WEREN?T IN SPANISH .

It's a pretty frightening situation for a city that has ranked #1 in crime for almost a decade to have the DA, the County Sheriff and a County Commissioner all see the solution to their incompetence as dumping 700 criminals back on Dallas streets.   Since Democrats picked a doofus for their candidate last year and then got him elected as County Judge, Commissioner John Wiley Price has become the de facto County Judge.  The actual County Judge is like the invisible man who doesn't seem to mind having JWP call all the shots.  The 3 Republicans Commissioners aren't doing much to earn their pay either. 

Although not enough to vote for either of them, I am astounded and pleased that two mayoral candidates had the guts to speak out against what the DA and the Sheriff are doing.  For Gary Griffith to take a hard position on anything is astounding in itself.  At least he picked something important that is actually pertinent to the responsibilities of city government -- criminals on our streets.  It was even more courageous of Ed Oakley to risk antagonizing his Democrat base by criticizing the actions of the Democrat Sheriff and the newly elected Democrat DA.

It is typical of Max Wells to avoid talking about anything important.  You know the old adage --
if you can't say something nice, better not to say anything at all.  Well, that's a bunch of baloney!  We must speak out.  We are in a desperate situation.  Once again, Commissioner Price responds negatively to some constructive criticism:

Price: Hopefuls using jail crisis as political tool
By GROMER JEFFERS JR. / The Dallas Morning News

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Commissioner John Wiley Price said Tuesday that mayoral candidates Gary Griffith and Ed Oakley are exploiting the county jail controversy for political gain.
... Last week during an appearance before the Dallas Police Association, Mr. Griffith and Mr. Oakley expressed concern about the release of about 700 low-level offenders to ease a jail crisis.
   "They want to make an issue out of 700 people when you've got 6,000 in the jail," Mr. Price said. "What was the city going to do? They're not in charge; we're in charge. They have no understanding of the issue."
... "I want to make sure we're not letting felons on the street that the Dallas police just put in jail," Mr. Griffith said.
   He added, "There are prostitutes arrested and back on the street before police get back on the beat. If we're going to become a much safer city and get out of having the highest crime rate in the country, we can't be letting criminals out of jail."
   Mr. Oakley ... "I don't want to get in the county's business," he said, "but if we have a capacity issue, why didn't they start working on it sooner? We [taxpayers] pay the county to house these inmates."
   The county has three months to meet the state's minimum staffing requirement of one guard per 48 inmates ? something it has consistently been unable to do ? or the state could order the crowded jail not to admit any more prisoners.
   Over a two-week period last month, about 700 low-level offenders were released from the jail.
   Mr. Price, a supporter of mayoral candidate Max Wells, .... said that the county jail had the highest incarceration rate among Texas' five largest counties and that it would have been shut down if the county had not moved to bring it into compliance with state regulations.
... Mr. Price also mocked Mr. Griffith's contention that the county should bring buildings up to standard or contract with other counties for space.
... And on prostitutes being allowed back on the street?
   "If there's a choice between locking up a prostitute or locking up an armed robber, I would lock up the armed robber," he said.

Councilman Oakley is dead on right.  Dallas taxpayers pay dearly in county taxes.  We have "these inmates" housed in our city, not in Garland or Irving or Mesquite.  Now, thanks to the Democrat DA and our incompetent Democrat Sheriff, we have criminals who should be inmates on our streets instead of behind bars.  It's not surprising Max Wells has not opened his mouth about this matter since he has Commissioner Price and Kathy Nealy in his campaign.  Remember what Jim Schutze once wrote about her?

Remember Vote Fraud?
By Jim Schutze, 4/11/02
... Gore says he offered to provide Stool with paperwork that would show the linkage up the food chain from the absentee vote operatives out on the street to state Representative Terri Hodge (D-Dallas) and from her to political consultant Kathy Nealy, who is the main African-American subcontractor on establishment political campaigns run by Dallas political ?er-guru Carol Reed. ...

In this mayoral election, Carol Reed is running Tom Leppert's campaign (looks like another Dunning), and Nealy has teamed up with JWP for Max Wells.  If you haven't lived in Dallas long enough to remember Max Wells from his council days, you at least should know who Commissioner Price is.  If you are too disengaged from local government matters and politics to know about any of these plays, just keep drinking and partying -- but please don't vote. 

Politics should be for serious thinkers and responsible voters.  Unfortunately, that is seldom the case.  Even though mail-in ballot vote harvesting is now illegal, it still happens.  People who don't have a clue about the candidates are still bussed to the polls to vote straight ticket. 

You must talk to people about what's happening in this city since last November.  You can't assume your neighbor is aware that 700 criminals have been dumped back onto Dallas streets.

Darrell Jordan is running radio ads in his mayoral campaign promising to get the Dallas Police Department the money the Chief needs to hire more police officers and reduce our crime rate.  What good will more police do if the people they arrest walk through the DA's turnstile as quickly as the officers can get the criminals booked?  I am backing Darrell Jordan because I know he will do what he says.  I also know he will challenge the county officials who are undermining Chief Kunkle's efforts to clean up this city.

That said, I want to thank and congratulate both Gary Griffith and Ed Oakley for speaking out now as candidates.  

Filename: j0356626.gif
Keywords: animals, dogs, metaphors ...
File Size: 13 KB   Trying to solve over crowded jails by releasing criminals back into Dallas neighborhoods is as sensible as a dog chasing his tail.  If the dog bites his own tail, what has he accomplished?  About as much as our criminal-loving DA.  

If you don't live in Dallas, this must all seem pretty funny -- releasing 700 criminals in a city that has ranked #1 in the nation for crime for the better part of a decade.  As a Dallas homeowner, I fail to see the humor in it all.


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  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8