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2/12/07  Will Dr H waive residency requirement for City Slicker Celso?

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  It's hard to imagine I could think less of DISD Asst. Supt. Celso Martinez today than I did last week, but the guy is such a jerk.  Apparently, he realized his lame "because I want to" as an extenuating circumstance to justify a waiver to the residency requirement of his $140 K position has been an embarrassment to somebody at the DISD.  I didn't think that was possible either.  But, wait, you are not going to believe  his new heart-wrenching reason for not wanting to live amongst us.
City Slicker Celso does not want his teenage son in the DISD system.  You can't blame him.  Most people who can afford to opt out have.  The few who have tried to keep their kids in DISD schools are watching the turmoil at Preston Hollow Elementary and are busy looking for room in their family budgets for private school or a new address in the suburbs.

Can you imagine laying all this grief on his teenage son?  "Gee, Thanks, Dad!"  Things weren't tough enough for the kid before.  Now, City Slicker Celso has pulled his son into the sordid mess. 
City Slicker Celso has decided his public relations talking point of exercising his right to live and work where he wants wasn't really scoring him any points with the public -- even if thousands of men and women have fought and died to give him that right. 
2/12/7 Gehrig Saldana:
   When he lied to a reporter, he lost any kind of credibility he could hope to have, not only with the reporter he lied to, but other reporters Celso Martinez will engage with in the future.  Mr. Martinez has a long journey to regain the integrity he lost.  If it was only his integrity at stake, that would be on him.  But, his integrity is unfortunately tied to the integrity of the DISD.  Time for Mr. Martinez to humble himself, be nice, tell the truth and simply serve DISD students, parents and stakeholders in a manner that he would want others to treat him. 
Dr. Michael Hinojosa would do himself a lot of good by ordering an immediate audit on the residency status of his remaining executive level staff and issuing an immediate directive that all executive level staff (including Mr. Martinez) found not in compliance with residency requirements a maximum of 90 days to comply with the district's existing residency requirements or face immediate termination of employment or demotion.
Anything less than this show of measured leadership will compound the public impression of a DISD locked in an  atmosphere where announcements of forced or voluntary resignations, terminations and criminal referrals mirror weekly movie announcements in our daily newspaper.
    If Mr. Martinez does get his waiver, don't be surprised if Dr. Hinojosa donates former DISD Supt Yvonne Gonzalez's redwood furniture as a house warming gift and then gives a blanket waiver of criminal charges to those select DISD top level administrators who used the district's procurement credit card for their personal purchases at grocery stores, TJ Max, Tuesday Morning, Barnes & Noble, countless restaurants and God only knows where else.
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File Size: 9 KB   Anyone has the right to live and work wherever they want.  If you want a $140 K per year job that has residency restrictions, you have to balance which is more important to you.  Where you want to live or where you want to work. 

His son goes to school in McKinney, and City Slicker Celso says he wants to live near him.  Is that why City Slicker Celso is planning to sell his house in McKinney and move further away from his son to Frisco?  Help me here.  I'm just a political gadfly with a state school degree.  But, he's moving out of the town where his troubled son lives.  Yet, wanting to live near his son is his "extenuating circumstance" for a residency waiver.  Google's map says it's at least 16 miles between McKinney and Frisco.  Of course, if the son lives on the West side of McKinney and City Slicker Celso's new house is on the East side of Frisco, they might be a couple of miles closer.  Still, his "I want to be close to my son" lament (that's the same as "lame excuse") doesn't hold water -- hot or cold. 

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  Just between you and me, City Slicker Celso is a pretty pitiful as a PR guy.  If he can only turn up the temperature on the hot water he's already standing in, how can he do the DISD any good with its myriad of mistakes, frauds and general mayhem?  City Slicker Celso clearly has got himself into some serious hot water.  He lied to the media about filing a request for a waiver.  He told the media one bogus circumstance that had us all laughing at his audacity.  Now, he is victimizing his son.

Things may be different between City Slicker Celso and his ex-wife (his son's mother) than most divorced couples.  They may be best of friends and she still likes him a lot, but I doubt it.  City Slicker Celso is not a very likeable guy.  If they have the normal divorced couple relationship -- strained but civilized, his son's mother cannot be happy that her son is being so ill-used by his father.  If they already had an unfriendly relationship before he dragged their son into his mess, she is probably ready to cause Martinez some serious bodily harm.

It just may be that City Slicker Celso's current wife set her foot down and refused to live amongst lowlife DISD taxpayers.  So, City Slicker Celso had to decide who to make mad, his ex-wife and son or his current wife.  Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall in any of the Martinez households just now?  If he doesn't get his waiver of residency requirement, everybody is going to be mad.

Why is Dr. Hinojosa allowing this fiasco to continue to fester?  Why hasn't he just told City Slicker Celso to get his high dollar rear into a house inside the DISD boundaries, like Martinez knew he had to do when he took his $140 K job?  Does  City Slicker Celso have some pictures of Dr. H or something?  That's what we used to wonder about why former City MisManager Ted Benavides delayed firing former Chief of Police Terrell Bolton for so long.  Did the ex-Chief have something on Ted? 

The print media and video media can only cover a story so long, and their editors/managers make them move on to something else.  That's the fun of having my own website.  I can stick with an issue long as I want.

DISD spokesman seeks waiver to live out of district
Executives given 6 months to comply; Martinez on job for 7
Tuesday, February 6, 2007  b
y TAWNELL D. HOBBS/The Dallas Morning News
    Dallas school district spokesman Celso Martinez will find out Monday whether he will need to leave his home in McKinney.
   DISD policy requires that all executive employees "be bona fide residents" of the district, and it gives them six months from the date of appointment to comply. Mr. Martinez became an associate superintendent seven months ago.
   The superintendent can grant employees a waiver from the policy or extend the residence requirement beyond the six-month period for newly employed personnel when there are extenuating circumstances.
... Mr. Martinez said he had requested the waiver before news reports made his residency status public.
... Trustee Jerome Garza said he feels the district should do away with allowing waivers to the policy and should give administrators who are not complying six months to do so. He said a district official told him that about five other employees besides Mr. Martinez are not abiding by the residency requirement.
   Mr. Garza said it's good for the district when top administrators live within its boundaries.
   "They hear first-hand what's going on in our schools," he said. "I want them to hear from their neighbors." ...

Guess what!  Martinez lied to Tawnell Hobbs.  He did not request a waiver before the media exposed him.  It's pretty stupid to lie to the press when your job is to be buds with them, so they will write nice stories about your boss and employer.

... On Tuesday, four days after Unfair Park broke the news that the DISD spokesperson was in violation of the board?s residency rules by living outside the district, Martinez told The Dallas Morning News that he had applied for a waiver to be exempt from the policy. And he said he had done it ?before news reports made his residency status public,? wrote Tawnell Hobbs.
   But when we sent a public information request yesterday to find out when exactly Martinez asked for the exemption, a district lawyer wrote back, ?Please note there is no record of a waiver on file.?
   Please note there is no record of your spokesperson telling the clear and complete truth about any of this....

I am pleasantly surprised that Trustee Garza wants City Slicker Celso to live in the DISD boundaries.  Garza has played pretty fast and loose with the rules himself when the district lines were being redrawn after assimilating Wilmer-Hutchins into our troubled school district.  Talk about going from the heat to the frying pan, but that's a whole other story.

If Garza is publicly calling for City Slicker Celso to live within DISD boundaries, then things don't look so good for Martinez.  I cannot imagine Dr. H wanting to offend Trustee Garza. 

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  The School Board members cannot be happy to be dealing with this Martinez mess.
Dr. Hinojosa must be really annoyed that his PR guy is giving him more bad publicity.
City Slicker Celso's ex-wife and son are probably less than happy with ex-hubby and Dad.
The current Mrs. City Slicker Celso must be most displeased at the thought of moving South to live amid the unwashed masses who pay DISD school taxes.

All in all, I think what started out as a little e-mail of information has blossomed quite nicely into a kettle of hot water for a very deserving jerk.






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8