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02/4/07   DISD Shenanigans and my take on other's takes.

Farmersville? OK! At least the dude from Farmersville is right on the fact a crime was committed even if he calls it ABUSE when it is FRAUD of federal and school tax funds we're talking about here.

I thought it was against the law to comingle funds of this type.  Am I right here? I mean all of a sudden DISD is saying only some of those DISD credit card funds used by those 1200 DISD folks was Title I moola.   OK?

Could somebody please separate exactly the CRIMINALLY spent DISD credit card Title I funds from the criminally spent DISD school taxpayer funds?

Could someone give an example of why using a DISD credit card to pay for the hundreds of thousands of Title I funds and/or DISD school taxpayer funds to pay for personal trips, to purchase personal lunches, dinners, groceries and trips to upscale book stores should not be deemed as criminal activity? 

You see my friends, this is exactly the sticking point DISD Superintendent Hinojosa has on his plate at this time.

What in the heck is he going to do with what appears to be a situation where over 600 of his employees may have gotten lax thinking nobody would care to check on those habitual, repeated aforementioned purchases?  Where do you draw the line on what is a crime and what is a violation of DISD policy?

Investigative reporters! Can you picture yourself doing an investigative piece standing in front of some of those nice restaurants repeatedly used by those naughty DISD credit card fraud artists to allegedly purchase their personal meals and meals for their friends and/or family letting Joe & Suzy Public know where their hard earned federal and school taxpayer funds were spent with the DISD credit card? Just a thought here folks.

Can't pick, choose laws
Letters for Friday Friday, February 2, 2007

Re: "Action on credit card abuse blasted," Monday Metro.
I find it hypocritical that LULAC representatives demand that DISD credit card abusers be punished while also demanding that illegal immigrants be allowed to stay in the U.S.
If a crime has been committed, there should be punishment, illegal immigrant or legal citizen.
Mike Pearson, Farmersville

Someone from the DISD family who never used the DISD credit card gave me a copy of DISD's policy on the use of Title I funds.  Guess what?

Under OMB Circular A-87, OMB Circular A-122, and OMB Circular A-21 of the DISD Title I policy manual, part 2 cost principles, appendix 1, part 2 states purchases using the DISD Credit Card for the following items is titled as Unallowable:  Food and Beverage, Entertainment (including amusement, diversion, social activities, and ceremonials and any costs associated with such), Goods and Services for Personal Use, Promotional Items (such as T-shirts, caps, tote bags, key chains, etc.)

The article below states "Ms. Furtado, 58, has worked for DISD since 1980. She spent about $477,400 between January 2004 and June 2006, according to a database of district credit card transactions. Her spending over that period included $6,288 at Wal-Mart and $3,245 at Barnes and Noble. District records for her credit card show $19,784 spent at Buddy's Sporting Goods. Receipts show purchases of numerous Polo shirts from that store."

Even this barrio dude realizes there must be hundreds of DISD employees sweating bullets as we speak.  

A quick look-see and participant registration in Allen Gwinn's website,, will astound any DISD school taxpayer and any federal taxpayer.  

rchase of groceries is a No No
urchases at an uptown book store, like Barnes and Noble, are also a No No.

Where I live, a DISD area supervisor frequents a Barnes and Noble using that DISD credit card.  

Chihuahua, all those grocery purchases at places like Fiesta Food Store had me wondering if the intent was to stamp out hunger in the barrio.  However, I slapped myself back into reality and realized the intent here was either to be very nice or someone was buying groceries for personal consumption.

Yet, another DISD employee (Halice Furtado) is allowed to resign after spending almost a half-million DISD school taxpayer funds.  No mention if criminal charges or reimbursement of those funds are forthcoming.

Why go through the thus far million dollar taxpayer price tag to investigate the DISD credit card fiasco if you're going to allow thieves to resign?

I sincerely hope Title I funds or funds from the rumor based so-called slush fund #6219 are not being used to pay for the DISD million dollar investigation. 

When I first read the name Furtado, I thought the singer Nellie Furtado was the culprit.  Once I put ob my glasses, I realized it was Halice not Nellie. lol

I don't think one can blame ignorance of the law or DISD policy in this situation.  I assure you there will be individuals knocking on both the FBI and Dallas County District Attorney's offices once DISD makes public the names of DISD employees who will not be criminally charged and only disciplined for committing credit card fraud.

On another note, what is it with those PTA's operating in North Dallas? You'ld think folks who have a desire to segregate on the taxpayer's dime would have gotten the message when word got out on the results of the student segregation federal lawsuit at Preston Hollow Elementary School.  I understand the Franklin Junior High School PTA had an off-campus PTA function a few weeks ago at a private home where wine was served and DISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa attended and was listed as a speaker on the flyer which was passed without knowledge or permission of the Principal to Preston Hollow Elementary School fourth and fifth grade students.  

It appears Preston Hollow Elementary School is a feeder school to Franklin Junior High School; hence, Hillcrest High School is the feeder school for Franklin Junior High School. 

Superintendent Hinojosa must have been surprised to see the litigants in the Preston Hollow Elementary School segregation lawsuit at that gathering.  Both had reservations about attending the function, but they were interested in who from DISD would attend this off-campus gathering and decided to check things out.

With all the bad PR on the segregation of students at Preston Hollow Elementary School, you'ld think endorsement and participating in off-campus PTA functions would also be a No No, right? 

I hear there are many PTA's in North Dallas who continue to schedule PTA meetings at 8:00 am and continue to hold meetings/functions off-campus.  It gives a strong impression of an intent to exclude, rather than include.  

News for you folks, we're in your face and we're not cutting loose of your bad intentions. 

Principal resigns in DISD inquiry;  
Four school leaders have faced discipline in credit card investigation
Friday, February 2, 2007 By TAWNELL D. HOBBS / The Dallas Morning News

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