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Wacky Thinking at City Hall
Reverse Robin Hood City Budget
DISD: stupid is stupid
Angela Hunt shows her colors.
Bail Bondsman Mentality
Knock it Off!


8/27/08  Sam Merten:  Ross for Mess: How We Got Into This Renaming Thing in the First Place (UnFairPark,, 8/26/8)
8/25/08 Strange Priorities:  Street bums over city employees? Even cops & firefighters?
Dallas Officer:  City balancing budget on backs of employees.
8/22/08 Lt. Carlton Marshall (shot in drug bust) is still struggling to recover.  His home needs updating to accommodate his condition.  Extreme Home Makeover is considering his house for for their program.  Please contact them at e-mail the producers  and ask them to select the home of Lt. Marshall and his wife DPD Officer Susan Marshall.  sb
8/21/08 2008-09 Annual City of Dallas Budget  You are going to get mad!
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File Size: 7 KB 8/20/08 Will city council do the right thing by Woodard today by fixing the damage they allowed last week?  They can re-consider the case if someone will move and someone will second putting the SUP application back on the agenda for next week's hearing.  Call your council member.  Tell them we need to let this good business continue operating in the same location they have for over 30 years.  sb
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File Size: 2 KB 8/18/08 DISD:  Stupid is Stupid!  New grading/homework rules - lesson in failure.w/comments
8/16/08 David Tuthill:   DISD - YET AGAIN!
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Keywords: auto maintenance workers, auto mechanics, automobiles ...
File Size: 7 KB 8/15/08 Darryl Baker:  Mr. Woodard, we want you in Oak Cliff!
Rad Field:  Dallas City Council pushing small business to suburbs

Betty Culbreath:  $5 Million TO AT&T?  $2 Million FROM Woodard Paint & Body?
Rafael Rodriguez:  Ross Ave. Debate - Respect?  I don't think so!
8/14/08 Angela Hunt closes 88 year business so Bryan Place dimwit can walk to Meyerson. w/comments
Dr. Darwin Payne: 
The Ross Brothers from 8/13/8
Bail Bondsman Mentality:  Bozo DA rethinks march on Commissioner Price.
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Provided by: 8/06/08 Betty Culbreath & Dwaine Caraway make this city more livable.  

Michael Davis - For some, there's no profit in getting along.

Neil Emmons needs to be removed from Plan Commission.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8