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Form-Based Zoning
Lack of Confidence
Black Holes and Other Local Nonsense
Blind Leading the Blind


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File Size: 164 KB 7/23/8 Allen Gwinn:  Soft-Core Adult Advs appeared on Viramontes Consulting Website!  (Husband & wife's combined salaries exceed $320K annually.)
Stan Aten:  Trinity Tollroad is doomed.

Gehrig Salda?:   Just some thoughts on DISD mayhem.
7/22/08 Trust the experts.  Emmons desperate to block form-based zoning. revised
Sam Merten:  About the Trinity Parkway, Don't Hold Your Breath. Not Yet, Anyway.
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Keywords: disapprovals, gestures, thumbs down ...
File Size: 7 KB 7/15/08 Lupe has lost her team's confidence.
Allen Gwinn:  DISD Executive's Wife Lands Top DISD Job
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File Size: 4 KB 7/10/08 Black holes and other local nonsense. w/comments
David Tuthill:   Property Appraisals - Frustrating to deal with DCAD
7/09/08 Fox. 4's Paul Adrian:  Watkins' Private Business Presents Possible Conflict
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Keywords: 4th of July, America, American flags ...
File Size: 15 KB 7/05/08 David Tuthill:  DISD Audit -- Good News or Bad Sunday?
7/03/08 Blind leading the Blind - DA Watkins & Sheriff Valdez are a comedy act
Sam Merten:  Don't forget about Leppert's poor decisions and failures
7/01/08 Darryl Baker:  A Road by Any Other Name is Still Industrial.





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8