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This Saturday, MAY 10th


Homeland Security has granted the Texas Dept of Public Safety $110 Million to secure our borders, but DISD needs $1.34 Billion after they just received $1.4 Billion in 2002?  This puts the amount of the 2007 bond election in perspective.  It's much more than what is needed to secure the Texas border?
DISD needs over a billion dollars for what? To build more schools when brand new Lee McShan Elementary and Preston Hollow Elementary are severely under enrolled?? (More than 30%). This is a McSham.  What is going on here?
Do you remember that $1 million of taxpayer money was spent to investigate only 200 of 1400 DISD employees for the $71 MILLION of taxpayer $ missing due to usage of 3100 DISD employee credit cards?  Of those employees examined, 47% (about 93 of the 200 employees) were found to have violated the rules.  How many company credit cards does your employer or your company issue to employees?  Are they held accountable for the expense report?  This is called fraud, my friends.
And to offer so many illegal immigrants free education in DISD as well as free breakfast, lunch and subsidized housing from our Federal government when they are not even citizens of our country! This is about doing the right thing folks- abiding by laws and contributing accordingly. This is about family members that have fought for or are fighting for our country. This is not about race- but respect (yes respect not expect).
Our elementary school is 91% Section 8 housing and 50% Spanish speaking ONLY and taught in Spanish.  Won?t that create another generation of Latino laborers?  Is that right for them? We are doing Hispanic immigrants a great disservice by not mandating that they learn English.  And, our kids need to learn Spanish, and we need diversity in our schools.
This is a year of CHANGE so start at the local level and make those that use your tax dollars listen this time
The 100 pound gorilla is the private school tuition that many middle class parents are struggling to cough up because they feel like their neighborhood school has been taken away and is not reflective of the real world.
Lastly, if your local school has portables, remember that most are not even needed but that they will never be torn down. It costs DISD supposedly $10-15K to take each one down. HMMMM. To hire what company to remove them and why at such a high price? They are built on cinder blocks and against city code. Pray for the safety of our children if there is ever a tornado. We have 25 portables at our school (50% less in enrollment than BEFORE the portables existed) and the school is over enrolled by 100 students that do not even live in our school zone (10% of those kids do not even live in DISD) All approved by the principal of the school.

I have facts.  So, ask me questions.

It is time we really know where all our tax money goes and to hold the Trustees accountable.
Pay great teachers and start there!
Let?s get neighborhood schools back, not raise our taxes.  Let's get the DISD Board of Trustees to specifically spell out what the needs are and ask for a reasonable amount of money.  If something is NOT WORKING then you need to change the way you are running the district. Check the latest graduation stats (58%) and test scores, and tell me it is working.

More money is not the answer-not yet and not now.
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  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8