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Racist thinking
Something Right at City Hall
Those with the Gold Rule!
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5/29/08 John Meiners:  Another Boomer's 2? on uninsured drivers
Councilwoman Hunt ignores Neil Emmons P&Z shenanigans and moves for approval of St Regis Hotel project - unanimous support.  Yeah!
5/28/08 Racist thinking of low expectations.  Uninsured Drivers
5/22/08 Something Right at City Hall!  Councilman Rasansky needs your help.
David Tuthill:   Dallas Deficit.  w/comments
Chip Northrup:   White Rock Lights Saga Continues.
5/16/08 Those with the Gold Rule!  They buy elections and waste our money!
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File Size: 2 KB 5/10/08 Linus Spiller:  Vote No! on School Bond Prop 1.
Jim Schutze: 
DISD Bond Election  If DISD can't balance its own checkbook, why throw another $1.35 billion its way? ( 5/8/8)
5/08/08 Gehrig Salda?:  Chasms of Erosion of DISD Taxpayers' Trust on DISD:  The Bond, The Audit, Smoke, Mirrors and "Trust Us"
5/07/08 Suzanne Warner:  Vote No! to $1.34 Billion DISD Bond Waste!
Chip Northrup:  White Rock Lake crime lights project  (, 5/6/8)
5/05/08 Don't stay home -- Vote NO to DISD Bond scam! w/comments
Tim Dickey:  Stupid City Hall/Code Enforcement Rules
Chip Northrup:  Need you to fight over-lighting at White Rock Lake Park.
Casie Pierce:  Why I don't support DISD Bond Election. w/comments
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File Size: 20 KB 5/02/08 City wasting thousands on White Rock Lake lights - nobody wants: 
White Rock Lake neighbors want to know whose bright idea it was to install lights  By Glenna Whitley, 5/1/8





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8