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    The DISD Bond Proposal

David Tuthill

There are many reasons why I do not support the Dallas Independent School District?s bond election scheduled for this May.

First, the DISD has a proven track record of mismanagement of it?s affairs from yacht trips by the technology superintendent, limo drivers for trustees, uncontrolled cell phone bills reaching 5 figures, credit card abuse by employees, and misspending of federal funds -- just to name a few.  The DISD is constantly in the news about it?s mismanagement.  They have not got their act together.  

I am haunted by a quote from one of their members regarding the destruction of temporary buildings ?don?t worry, we have plenty of money?.  Yes, they have no qualms about gleefully spending taxpayers? money like it was water.

Second, is the economy.  Guess what DISD!  We have record home foreclosures in North Texas!  We also have a housing glut fueled by speculators flipping houses like John Belushi and Dan Akroyd flipping grapes into each other?s mouths in a fancy restaurant (The Blues Brothers).  

The investment house, Bear Sterns, has been sold at bargain basement prices due to its role in the subprime mortgage mess.  (Taxpayers will be footing the bill on this one, one of many bills to be paid by taxpayers).  Companies that insure bonds are struggling to stay alive and are increasing the cost to any municipality in the issuance of their bonds.   Record gas and food prices are straining families.

ut, DISD trustees are in their own little world, which is far away from the world where you and I live.  We don't need more property taxes in the form of rate increases, which the bond proposal will foster.  We don't need higher property appraisals from the Dallas County Appraisal District who will do anything to increase the tax value of your home despite the housing downturn and record foreclosures.  With the higher cost of essentials, we don't need more taxes for the DISD to squander.

Our local governments will not be satisfied until they can tax people out of their homes!

Now, I read in the Dallas Morning News that the DISD has
Dallas school officials say there's 'no timetable' for already late audit .   Reading the article caused red lights and alarms to go
off in my head.  This audit was one of the things the trustees touted for justification in passing the bond proposal.  Considering the proven track record of the DISD, I can only imagine that if I were on board with the DISD I would also want it delayed until after the May election.

As one trustee told me once ?well that?s the DISD for you?!

David W. Tuthill





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