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7/25/11   Citywide Effort to Cover JWP's Crooked Butt

What happens to decent people?  Reading the list of big shots attending the political rally for $$-loving John Wiley Price is heartbreaking -- in some cases confirming.

From the days she was with DART, I have been a fan of Beverly Mitchell Brooks.  Sensible, smart, gorgeous.  She always seemed so decent.   Yet, she's listed as donating $250 to the JWP Give Me Some Money Fund. 
Raising Hell Till Heaven Comes": At Sunday's Fund-Raising Rally For John Wiley Price (By Robert Wilonsky,, 7/18/11)

  Jim Schutze was showing some righteous indignation over the excuses being made for this bad man who has spent decades exploiting his "people".  Then Schutze started reading some of the reader responses to his and Wilonsky's blogs.  Well, liberals can't have "crackers" agreeing with them.   It's OK and even hip to call conservative White guys "crackers".  

The new multi-level term for anyone challenging liberals or liberal crooked politicians is "Right-wing Christian crackers".  No one raises an eyebrow when that bigoted term is used to describe anyone who isn't a spouting the party line.

Since liberals do not want to be lumped in with "crackers", they are already trying to turn the camera away from John Wiley Price.   Some rich White guy is to blame for all of JWP's sins and malfeasance.

The new mantra (not catching much support, yet) is that JWP was justified in anything he did illegally or abuse of his elected office power because the FBI may have done something wrong 40-50 years ago in another city or state. 

So, it's OK for John Wiley Price to go on doing bad stuff because the rich White guys downtown (Our Downtown Betters) don't like what he's doing?  Since when? 


JWP has belonged to the ODB since he was first elected to the Commissioners' Court.  I loved the late Dave Fox (County Judge of the Commissioners' Court, who died in office).  Fox took JWP under his wing.  JWP voted like Judge Fox advised  him to vote, which was how the ODB wanted him to vote.

John Wiley Price has never not supported the ODB's plans.  In the 80's, ODB wanted all the money spent in North Dallas.  Fine with JWP.   In the 80's, the ODB wanted to move Downtown to LBJ and further north.  Fine with JWP.  As long as South Dallas stays in a third world state where it's easy for him to steal elections, JWP is happy.   He doesn't just steal his own elections, he steals council seats and congressional seats.  Very few win elections south of Downtown without JWP's support.  But, there are exceptions.   Dwaine Caraway, Barbara Mallory Caraway, James Fantroy.   JWP supported Al Lipscomb, knowing what Old Al did to minority taxi cab drivers.  JWP supported Diane Ragsdale, and he supports that dimwit Carolyn Davis.

The ODB didn't mind Al Lipscomb winning because he was always their pimp and did his job of keeping the young radicals in their place.  He never crossed the ODB line, so he got to stay.  JWP backed Diane Ragsdale, but she crossed the ODB line, so she had to go.  JWP wasn't devastated to get her out the circle of power.

Does anyone remember Atlanta's favorite 10 minutes of the Dallas city council open session where Councilwoman Ragsdale went berserk because a policeman's wife asked for a special acknowledgement of the 3 police officers who died within 2 weeks.  In those days, Diane was very thin, very wired, very agitated, very unable to stay in her seat 5 minutes.   Get the picture?  The ODB reasonably blamed Ragsdale for Dallas losing out to Atlanta on so many levels.  When a company was deciding between Dallas and Atlanta for relocation, Atlanta would play that tape over and over, month after month, year after year. 

The ODB's Atlanta envy is how we got Con Jerk for mayor.  Atlanta was kicking our butt.  They had a Black mayor.  No one wanted JWP for our first Black mayor, even though he did the ODB's bidding.   He would have to take a cut in pay to serve as Mayor.  So, they picked a guy from Austin with no real connection to Dallas to be our first Black mayor - a complete incompetent with no loyalty to this city.  When the simple-minded masses who had been lulled into voting for Con Jerk began to tire of his bluster and race-baiting, JWP staged fake protests outside Con Jerk's estate because the ODB wanted him to show the gullible masses that Con Jerk was not JWP's buddy or like JWP.

It did not matter to the ODB if the gullible masses didn't like JWP.   His district was safe, and he could be widely hated in N Dallas but easily re-elected in the southern sector.  JWP is the ODB's Man Downtown, he is not there for the good of his district constituents. 

Reviewing the various redistricting maps being submitted to the commission, the priority is still race-based.   Look at District 7 under Carolyn Davis, how has it been good for the residents of District 7 to have that Black woman representing them?   Any improvements have been IN SPITE of Carolyn Davis -- not because she has done anything positive. 

Almost all the maps being submitted to the Redistricting Commission have a major part of Northwest Dallas still tied to West Dallas in District 6.  Most of the maps have a bigger hunk of Northwest Dallas pulled into District 6 than is currently.  As a resident of District 6 and a one-time council candidate under the current district lines, I'm very familiar with the current lines.  During the last redistricting, Northwest Dallas begged to be kept together.   We had been split between 13, 14 and 6.  During that process, the neighborhood north of Walnut Hill east of Brockbank was drawn into District 13.  My poor little neighborhood just south of Walnut Hill and east of Webb Chapel remained in District 6.  Most of the proposed maps move the line between 6 and 13 east to Marsh, some move it to Midway and take District 6 all the way to LBJ.  None of the maps are based on community, just race.

Drawing district lines based solely on race is a recipe for a dying city.  If you have any doubt, look at the southern part of the County represented by Commissioner Price.  Race-based districts have led to corruption and will continue to do so.  When the only basis for a political district is the color of someone's skin rather than community, it discourages grassroots leadership and allows outsiders to control a district through funding their chosen candidate.

My little neighborhood has a very active Crime Watch/HOA.   We always have a great mix of pigmentation and sexual orientation.   We have gay couples, straight couples, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics.  We are a community that cares, but with every election, fewer people vote.  It's happening all over the city.  Race-based council districts have not encouraged participation or empowered citizens.  It has had just the opposite effect.

The fewer people who vote, the better for the ODB and their crooked puppets holding office.  Small voter turnouts make it easier to steal elections.  The surest way to discourage voter turnout is to cut up neighborhoods to create race-based council districts.

We are not lab rats.  Stop using us for social experiments.   Let us have a city with livable neighborhoods where we are safe without having to live in gated communities.   Give us honest politicians who are elected by concerned citizens, not gimmicks and election fraud. 

You never know who you can count on anymore.   You can be pretty sure you cannot count on most office holders to have your neighborhood's best interest at heart.  Votes at Commissioners' Court, City Council hearings, even Plan Commission hearings are decided long before before any citizen can even testify. 

Many people who are in the business are truly concerned that voter ballots are being tampered with and the election results are foregone conclusions.   Kathy Nealy and John Wiley Price were down in the Elections Department while returns were coming in this last mayoral runoff election.   There are so many things wrong with that scenario.  It's not surprising they are both subject to FBI scrutiny.

Why do you think Price was so anxious to force out Bruce Sherbet from his position as Elections Department Director and replace him with Price's puppet? 

All Dallas County elections machines are stored in one of JWP's commissioner warehouses.   Sherbet did inspect and supervise those machines.  We have no reason to believe that is the case now.

You have to give JWP credit for patience.   He has systematically amassed control over pretty much every element of government in Dallas County.   He controls Lupe Valdez and the county jails.  He controls Craig Watkins despite their public shouting matches (don't forget the fake picketing of Con Jerk's house).   He controls Clay Jenkins, who seems to have no shame about being JWP's hand puppet.   It is yet to be determined whether he will control Mike Rawlings.

I'm not happy that David Kunkle did not win the mayoral race, but I'm hoping that all my misgivings about Mike Rawlings turn out to be baseless.   It's hard to imagine a man of his career successes and ego taking orders from Commissioner Price. 

What isn't hard to imagine is all the liberal reporters in town going soft in their reporting about Price.   Some "journalists" are already blaming Old Whitey for Commissioner Price's fall from grace.  If those bad old rich White guys hadn't blinded him with offers of great wealth, John Wiley Price would still be a humble man who just wants to do good.   When was he ever a humble man who just wanted to do good?

JWP is a ruthless, a greedy and a vindictive man.

John Wiley Price is not a good man led astray by powerful, rich White guys.   To assume otherwise, you have to be a racist who believes that minorities are incapable of charting their own paths and making their own decisions (right or wrong) without Old Whitey steering them. 







  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8