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6/29/11   Or, Should We Dance?  

  Is this the face of a confident man?   Maybe a confidence man, but not a confident man.   This is the face of a deeply worried man.  Remember that folk song about "Worried Man".   Goes something like, "Takes a worried man, to sing a worried song.  I'm worried now, but I won't be worried long".   Well, JWP is worried now, and he will be worried for a long, long time.   There's nothing the FBI can do that will right the wrongs he's done, but Monday's raids are a start.

Some mighty quaking be happening in these here parts.  

JWP thought he was bullet proof.  So, did his powerful buddies like Ross Perot, Jr., Domingo Garcia and Mayor Mike Rawlings.   But, pictures speak a thousand words, and this picture by Alex Scott is roaring (,
JWP Says He Has "No Idea" Why Feds Are Searching Stuff, by Robert Wilonsky, 6/27/11).  If JWP were not such a bad man, you might feel sorry for him.  But -- HE IS A BAD MAN, so don't let yourself feel one ounce of pity for JWP.

Remember the guy who had his leg broke by JWP in front of cameras and witnesses, only to see JWP get acquitted by a Dallas County Jury?   Feel pity for that guy because a broken leg won't really ever get completely fixed back the way it was.  But don't pity JWP!

Remember the thugs (including L. Alcorn) carrying obscene signs outside the home of Laura Miller and Steve Wolens where their young children could see the obscenity.  Why did JWP have his thugs picketing her?  Because she was fighting to force City MisManager Ted Benavides to fire Terrible Bolton as Police Chief!  Feel pity for the Wolens kids witnessing such a nightmare.  But don't pity JWP!

Remember the promise of the Inland Port (, Dallas Inland Port-of-Gall by Jim Schutze, 12/4/08)?  JWP carried water for Ross Perot, Jr. (like he did in the Arena fight) and moved heaven and earth to block Richard Allens' efforts to bring thousands of jobs to South Dallas County.   Feel sorry for all the men and women who were denied those jobs and the means to provide for their families.  But don't pity JWP!

Soon, the
Dallas Managed News will take a shot at Commissioner Maurine Dickey who could not contain her joy Monday.  She spoke the truth.  She did not make nice.  She said it "I think it's a happy day for Dallas County", and it was.  She went on to say "because it offers hope that there is a higher authority than local people that will come in and that will see, will check on things and if there is wrongdoing that they will do something about it.   We're fortunate to have an investigative agency such as the FBI that comes in and protects us all because it shows that American can work."

Aren't you sick of people who don't or won't speak the truth?  Aren't you sick of people who put down the the truth speakers? 

But, this is so much bigger than John Wiley Price.  This is about the very bedrock of all that is wrong with Dallas and Dallas County politics.  This is about Kathy Nealy, the same Kathy Nealy who turned state's evidence on Don Hill, et al, to keep her butt out prison.   The same Kathy Nealy who bought all the votes needed in the Southern Sector to let Ron Kirk, Tom Hicks and Ross Perot, Jr. steal millions from Dallas taxpayers and kill our convention business.  She did such a good job, Jr. gave her a suite of her own at the AAC.   She couldn't beat Laura Miller, but she delivered for Tom Leppert and she delivered for Mike Rawlings.   The Rawlings campaign paid her over $250K.   If you don't think JWP got a cut of that action, you are truly naive soul.

Mike Rawlings got big contributions from the Perot family.   JWP seemed to have unlimited resources to buy air time for running radio ads on Black radio stations.  

Former DMN columnist,
Ruben Navarrette says on FaceBook "This just in: My sources in Dallas, TX tell me that there are not one but two sh** storms on the horizon involving local and prominent African-American officials. The first has already been reported -- the FBI raid of the office of longtime Co. Commissioner John Wiley Price. But wait until you hear about the second one. Wow! God, sometimes, I miss Texas! For a columnist, it's the gift that keeps on giving."
I do miss Ruben.   It's great to have contact with him on FaceBook, but we need him back in Dallas.  Unfortunately, he didn't fit in with the Arizona Flower Child's liberal vision when he was here, and the paper has declined further since he left. 

As many bloggers are correctly saying and as JWP knows, the FBI would not have done these raids if they were not certain of what they would find.  They know he was part of the car theft ring that will send former Constables Jaime Cortes and Derick Evans to prison.  There's a reason they were taking pictures of his cars stored at Kathy Nealy's house.

Democrats in Dallas County have followed JWP's lead for years.  They turned out a decent man in favor of a Park Cities (by way of Ennis) weenie when they picked Clay Jenkins for County Judge in their primary.  To punish Judge Luis Sepulveda for exposing Evans and Cortes, JWP's people put up a kid from the Medrano Family in the Democrat's primary.  As seems to be the norm in Democrat campaigns, there were some shady doings in the campaign against Judge Sepulveda and now at least 1 Medrano female family member has been indicted.

JWP was responsible for almost every thing bad that has happened politically in this town for the last 20 years.  One of my wise friends keeps reminding me that all Dallas County "electronic" voting machines are stored in JWP's storage facility, and she has me convinced that he messes with them.

Well, this week, the FBI is messing with JWP.  Let's SING AND DANCE!







  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8