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11/29/9   Bail Bondsman's Hired Guns Get Shot Down

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File Size: 20 KB   After firing or running off any lawyers from his predecessor's administration who could actually try and potentially win a case, our Bail Bondsman DA Craig Watkins went to a Houston lawyer and a local rich liberal lawyer to represent his ridiculous effort to stop an investigation of the questionable operations of Constables Jaime Cortes and Derick Evans.  The two hired guns didn't impress Judge Richard Mays.

As a visiting judge who isn't afraid of local politicians, Judge Mays saw right through Watkins' attempt to block the truth from being exposed. 

   Judge rejects DA's motion to halt probe of Dallas County constables (By KEVIN KRAUSE / 11/25/9).

Foster and Commissioners Maurine Dickey and Kenneth Mayfield ordered the investigation in early September to look into complaints by numerous current and former deputy constables. Some of those complaints involve being forced to work on the constables' re-election campaigns.

Foster said the truth will now be known.

"At some point, the results of this investigation will be made public," he said. "And I think there's going to be such an outcry from the public, that answers will be demanded."

Mark Lanier, an attorney for Watkins, told Mays that the commissioners have become "private DAs."

Lanier said the commissioners are not happy with the progress of Watkins' investigation and think the FBI is taking too long, so they've hired their own criminal investigators.

"These guys are way outside their bounds," Lanier said. "Tell them they're not allowed to be DAs."

He said the commissioners' interference can harm Watkins' investigation by tainting evidence with improper procedures, among other problems.

Which brings back our question, What's the DA hiding? 

Houston lawyer Mark Lanier accidentally hit the nail on the head when he said "the commissioners are not happy with the progress of Watkins' investigation".  For all practical purposes, there has been no investigation by the DA's office.  If Danny Defenbaugh could start a couple of months ago and be ready to wrap up next week, what's the DA's staff been doing?  I'll tell you what -- covering some political rears of rather large proportions.

This desperation on Watkins' part indicates something seriously big below the public's radar.  We can't expect local reporters to do anything with this.  Fox 4's Becky Oliver exposed Craig Watkins operating a title company after he was sworn in as County DA, an illegal act.  Yet, there has been no action taken by the State Bar or State Attorney General.

Watkins has become accustomed to big shots covering for him.  Someone's calling in their markers, Mr. Unknown Democrat Big Shot who doesn't want Cortes or Evans investigated. 

   Judge rejects DA's motion to halt probe of Dallas County constables (By KEVIN KRAUSE / 11/25/9).

Mayfield called Watkins' investigation of the constables a "sham." And he said Watkins is committing official oppression by empaneling a grand jury to learn information about Defenbaugh's investigation for the purpose of trying to stop it.

"He used the grand jury just to get us to drop our investigation," Mayfield said.

The legal arguments presented Tuesday centered on the balance of power in county government.

Watkins is arguing that Defenbaugh has violated his contract with the county by improperly investigating the constables for abuse of office and official oppression ? both criminal offenses.

Because of that, he is asking for an injunction to prevent commissioners from paying Defenbaugh.

Wayne Gordon, an attorney for the commissioners, said Watkins cannot ask that the payments be stopped because the contract is between the commissioners and Defenbaugh.  ...

Why is Watkins doing any of this?  He has spent hours begging/demanding the commissioners not to cut his budget, but look how he wastes his allocated funds.  Watkins even antagonized Commissioner John Wiley Price.  Now, JWP seems to be allied with Watkins and is also trying to stop any investigation of Cortes and Evans because the real power pulling the Bailbondsman's strings is a much bigger fish than JWP. 

Mr. Unknown Big Shot is some Democrat.  Why else would socialite Lisa Blue connect herself to this sleazy mess?  Attorney Blue is the widow of the late Fred Baron, who got unwanted fame before he died when it was exposed that he had diverted campaign funds to John Edwards' mistress. 
Dallas lawyer Fred Baron paid for Edwards' mistress to relocate (GROMER JEFFERS JR. /, 11/9/8)

Please don't think this is coincidental that Lisa Blue would get involved in Watkins' failed efforts to block the commissioners from getting to the truth. 

Local and national media are enamored with Watkins because he puts convicting criminals way down the list of his priorities.  None of the print media followed up on Becky Oliver's expos?  Why is that?

Because he is not controlled by Dallas County politics, Judge Richard Mays was not intimidated by Mr. Democrat Unknown Big Shot.  Judge Mays gave a fair ruling that gives the Commissioners Court time to wrap up their investigation, yet puts a limit on how long it can continue.

It's amazing that Watkins would try to interfere with a contract between the Commissioners Court and Danny Defenbaugh.  He has no standing to interfere.  If county employees under Constables Evans and Cortes have been abused by their bosses by being forced to work in political campaigns or other activities beyond their duties as law enforcement officers, the commissioners have an interest in protecting those Dallas County employees. 

If DA Watkins has been investigating the Constables' activities for some time with his power and staff, why is Danny Defenbaugh so much further along with his investigation after only a few months?

Commissioner Mayfield correctly calls any investigation by Watkins a "sham".  Where are the results?  Why is it taking so long? 

It's time for some reporters in this town who get paid to expose shady politicians to find out who is behind Watkins' frantic efforts to block Defenbaugh's investigation.  They are all going to look like they are part of the cover up when the Commissioners release Defenbaugh's results.

I'm proud of Commissioners Ken Mayfield and Maureen Dickey for sticking their necks out to protect Dallas County taxpayers (both businesses and residents).  Cop-hating Domingo Garcia has got his wife, former Councilwoman Elba Garcia, to run against Commissioner Mayfield in 2010.  Until someone told him it wouldn't look good for her campaign to have her husband blocking an investigation of Constable Jaime Cortes, Domingo was Cortes mouthpiece.  C. P. Henry, who claims to be a Republican, is supporting Garcia's campaign.  Why is someone who makes so much money from Republican campaigns hiring out for a Democratic candidate?  Didn't C. P. Henry do Commissioner Mayfield's campaign when Democrat Bob Stimson challenged him?  Guess the Garcia's outbid Commissioner Mayfield.  Ambulance chasing has been very good for Domingo Garcia.

I am completely in awe of County Judge Jim Foster, who we all underestimated early in his term.  Judge Foster is a Democrat who is going against Mr. Unknown Democrat Big Shot and the entire Democratic County Party ruling class.  That may not seem so brave if you don't understand party politics.  Judge Foster has been active in his party for years.  He has also been active in Dallas County gay politics.  It's hard to understand why Gay Democrats are allowing Judge Foster to be hung out to dry.

It's been said courage is doing the right thing when no one is looking.  Judge Foster has shown courage can mean doing the right thing when your political allies want you to shut up and help cover up something very wrong. 

Would you be able to do what Judge Foster has been doing?  Would you refuse to assist Southern Sector forces shake down a developer whose project will mean thousands of new jobs for area residents?  You might say you would, but what if it would finish your political career? 

Would you defy movers and shakers in your political party and push for an investigation they oppose because you know something wrong has been going on?  You might think you would, but what if it would finish your political career?   

On several occasions, Judge Foster has put the public's good before his own political career. 

Wish we could save him from a certain turn out in the 2010 Democratic primary, but that's not likely.  Democratic Party big shots like Lisa Blue intend to replace him.  Even though many don't want the guy State Senator Royce West is pushing, few Democrats will stand up for Judge Foster.

As bad as Watkins and his keepers have been stinking up County Government, Judge Jim Foster is a breath of fresh air.  It will be a long time before we see a politician of his character and integrity again.






  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8