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Stan Aten

7/5//9   The Nannies pass all their little laws, but no one enforces them.

How many times last week did you hear some radio or TV talking head warn the audience that the DPD and Fire Department would be coordinating over the weekend to catch morons setting off illegal fireworks in the city?  "Illegal fireworks in the city" is a bit redundant seeing as it has been illegal to set off fireworks in Dallas city limits for a long time.  Guess no one one the Spanish-only media stations alerted their listeners because how else can you explain what happened at 3235 Lockmoor last night?

It was ironic to have a bunch of guys across my alley setting off an arsenal of fireworks last night at 3235 Lockmoor.  Earlier in the day I was heading north on Midway.  When I got to the intersection with LBJ, there was a panhandler on every corner of the intersection.  One guy was standing in the street, and I almost dared me to drive around him or give him money.  I considered a third option, but decided the consequences to me were not worth the momentary pleasure.  Didn't we pass a no panhandling law under Mayor Laura Miller?  Does anyone ever enforce it?     7/17 Harriett Revier:

Kudos on your article posted 7/6 entitled "Who Cares? City Hall nannies don't enforce existing laws".  As a crime watch chairperson, we have been fighting the same problems in the Casa View Area.  Codes and ordinances have no teeth. 

It would be so simple if citations were written and not paid, then tack the fine on the offender's water bill.  Voluntary compliance does not work.  City Hall needs to grow a spine & get tough.  Blight spreads like a cancer. 

If problems like junk motor vehicles, tall weeds, parking violations, loud boom cars, garbage containers not closed by sanitation (so water won't collect to breed mesquitoes), litter around homes, too many people in a single family dwelling, graffiti, etc. cannot be controlled, we will wake up soon to a city we no longer want to live in. 

We have been working with Bob Curry, Code Mgr. for NE Dallas and have high expectations we can resolve some, if not most, of the problems in our area.  We can only hope!!  Thank you

My neighborhood block has so many trees, we are practically an urban forest.  Unfortunately, some of our houses are now tenant occupied.  These rent houses are not being well maintained, and you can imagine the lack of watering and tree maintenance on those properties.  3235 Lockmoor always has 6 or 7 trucks in the driveway, with a couple out front.  The Dallas City Code limits the occupancy of a single family home to 5 UNRELATED adults.  Does anyone ever enforce it?

Unfortunately, the 3235 Lockmoor backyard only has a chain link fence, so we all have to see that junk yard with all kinds of broken down stuff stored under or near a lean-to that is leaning out.  There are several outdoor cookers -- guess one for every resident of the single-family home.  A while back, there was a poor skinny pitt bull tied to a poll in the backyard.  Really delightful neighbors.

The elderly man who lives just east of 3235 Lockmoor keeps his property immaculate.  For the first time in all the decades he has lived in his home, he had to have a solid-wood fence erected between his yard and 3235 Lockmoor because they were conducting a business from the house.  There is a law about commercial use of a residential property.  Does anyone ever enforce it?

Google 3235 Lockmoor, Dallas  75220, and you see the usual pickups and van that are there all day.  Come back in the evening, there's a fleet.

At 3122 Newcastle, there are 4 trucks and/or vans in the drive -- most with the hood up.  For awhile, they were running a tamale business out of their garage, but apparently car repair is more lucrative.  There are city ordinances about operating car repair businesses in residential neighborhoods.  Does anyone ever enforce the laws?

One truck blocks the sidewalk, so you are forced out into the street.  You can't just cross the street and walk on the other side because the sidewalk is also blocked by a truck at 3125 Newcastle.  Four big trucks in the drive never move.  One black truck the resident uses is parked parallel to the street across the end of the drive.  The other 4 trucks in the driveway (not counting the ones in the garage) are being stored.  This a small house, occupied by a man and woman and their 3 toddlers, but they need more than 5 trucks?  There is probably a law against storing vehicles in a residential neighborhood, but it doesn't matter.  No one would ever enforce the law.

A long-time resident is selling her house next door to the 5 truck house.  A visitor to the 5 truck house had his red pickup blocking her driveway with the base booming from his sound system.  I mean ear drum split booming.  There is definitely a city law against loud noise from vehicles.  Does anyone  ever enforce the law?

How many times the past week have you been stopped at a light and have another vehicle's sound system drown out your radio?  If you haven't experienced the trauma recently, you don't live in East Dallas or Northwest Dallas.

There are cars/trucks on my street parked in the wrong direction.  We have city ordinances saying you must park your vehicle in the same direction as the lane on that side of the street.  No one enforces that law either.

We have a council overrun with nanny control freaks who pass laws prohibiting drunks from smoking cigarettes in bars.  Control freaks who want to ruin the city's Board of Adjustment by imposing ward politics on its decisions, rather than dismantling the 15-member panel of the Plan Commission which is a scandal waiting to happen.  Oh, wait -- a P&Z scandal has happened, and there's a big time trial in federal court over the sleazy matter.  Do we hear any of these meddlers calling for stepped up enforcement of nuisance laws?

I started talking about illegal fireworks at 3235 Lockmoor on July 4th.  Try as you might, you will not see one US flag anywhere near that house.  So, don't tell me the male residents were overcome with patriotic fervor which forced them to express their pride in the USA, despite city ordinances against civilians shooting fireworks inside the city limits.  It went on and on.  Yes, I did call 911.

My poor dogs (and all the other dogs in the neighborhood) were freaking out.  I went out into the back yard to see where the firecrackers were because they sounded so close.  They were close -- right across my alley.  Not a little sparkler or two, their yard above my fence was lit up like daylight.  The 3235 Lockmoor crowd of residents may not listen to English-speaking stations, but they sure heard what I yelled in English.  Immediate dead silence! 

Ok, so they cooperated, but I should not have had to go out there after 10 pm to yell at a crowd of grown men.  What if one of those firecrackers had ignited some of the dry grass in the alley?  Or, what if the dry grass in the backyard of 3235 Lockmoor had caught fire with all those vehicles back there and in the driveway?  There's an elderly man who lives next door. 

Even today, you can smell the gunpowder in the alley.

Stan Aten asked "
How are you doing?  I am surprised you have not been publishing more fun stories about our corrupt city."  He's right, I'm not producing the volume of rants as I have in the past.  It's easier to write when you believe things can get better with some light on a problem or two.  I honestly no longer think things will get better in this city.  The problem is the mindset of this city council.

Ann Margolin will be a great councilwoman, but she's got a bunch of dead brains to deal with at City Hall. endorsed Carolyn Davis because she's just dumb, and Ron Price is so dangerous.  Sheffie Kadane is no smarter than he was in his first term.  He may be a nice guy, but clueless. endorsed Dave Neumann, but he has turned out to be a meddler more concerned about being on the mayor's team than sensible decisions. 

Far and away, Angela Hunt is my biggest disappointment.  She's clearly trying to create a political clique on the council to block when possible the mayor's agenda.  There was a time I thought her priorities were good government, but many of her decisions are indicative of her ambition for a mayoral race, not good and efficient government.  District 14 gives her lots of votes, but she cannot win North Dallas.  She may have good relationships with Voncille Hill and Carolyn Davis, but they cannot deliver South Dallas to her in a mayoral race.  I can't see Ron Natinsky, Sheffie Kadane, JerryAllen or Linda Koop supporting Hunt for mayor.  So, I don't think Angela Hunt can win a city wide election.  Of course, all bets are off if Mayor Leppert doesn't run for a second term.

Politics aside, I don't think it's asking too much of this council to focus on enforcing existing laws in this city, instead of meddling in things that are guaranteed to cause problems later.  Either enforce the laws or repeal them.



Using single family homes as multi-family properties.

Commercial operations in single family neighborhoods.

Illegal storage in front driveways.

Illegal parking.

Is it too much to ask that the city enforce the laws on the books, rather than legislating new nanny control ordinances?







  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8