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Council Races Heating Up
Searching for Real Men


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Provided by: Animation Factory 4/27/09 Tax Expert Candidate doesn't pay his taxes?  Different rules for the ?er riche?

Gary Reaves:  6 Dallas bars, a store may lose license
(WFAA.COM, 4/26/9)
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Robert Wilonsky: 
Northwest Dallas is About to Get a Little Less Law-Breaky Monday, If TABC Gets Its Way  (UnFairPark,, 4/22/9)
4/22/09 Domingo Garcia puts rogue bars ahead of NW Dallas school kids!
4/21/09 Ms. Betty does not suffer thugs or buffoons lightly.

Dave Levinthal & Rudolph Bush:  Dallas convention hotel study probably won't be completed before referendum (, 4/20/9)
4/21/09 Council Races Heating Up (Updated 4/21/9) endorsing

Mark Gonzales - District 1
Pauline Medrano - District 2
Dave Neumann - District 3
Dwaine Caraway - District 4

Don Robinson - District 5
Steve Salazar - District 6
Tony Rios & Charles Redd - District 7
Tennell Atkins - District 8
John Yourse - District 9

Don Sanders - District 10
Ann Margolin - District 13
Districts 11, 12 & 14 - unopposed

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File Size: 9 KB 4/19/09 Searching for real men in Dallas!

Jason Trahan:  Witness describes beating over silence (, 4/11/9 Domingo Garcia's in a pickle.

Monika Diaz: 
Dallas trial has ingredients of soap opera (WFAA.COM, 4/10/9)
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File Size: 5 KB 4/8/09 Schizophrenia:  Have ODB/DMN gone nuts?

Mark Shekter:  Mr. Pres., what about Sam the Sheetrocker?

Allen Gwinn:  The Quest To Keep The Lights Off; and Give $5 Million, Get Back $80 Million? (, 4/7/9)
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File Size: 12 KB 4/1/09 Robert Wilonsky: More from the Corps: Or, Why You'll Now Think Twice About Driving I-35 Over River (UnFairPark,, 4/1/9)

Michael Lindenberger Transportation blog: Report says Trinity River levee failures are extreme, could prompt FEMA action (TransportationBlog,, 4/1/9)





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8