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Council Races Heating Up

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3/17/9 Endorsements for 2009 Dallas City Council Races is co-endorsing two of the 8 candidates in District 7. 

District 8 will be a tough battle for the incumbent with the Lipscomb clan trying to re-claim the seat like it's a family right of ownership. 

Districts 1, 5, 7 will go to runoffs with the large number of candidates in each race. 

As information comes out before the election, this page will be updated. indicates choice.

District   Candidate   Comments
1   Daniel Benchot
  ACORN Community organizer.  
    Justin Epker
  Community development consultant  
    Mark Gonzales   Born and raised in Oak Cliff.  MBA with his own insurance agency.  Served on Dallas Housing Committee.  Mentors students.
    Delia Jasso
  ESL teacher, former Park Board member
    Sean Paul Segura
  Business owner.  
    Jesus Lara Tovar
  Government & History Teacher.  
2   Billy Mac Leod   Marketing consultant.  Navy veteran of Desert Storm and Desert Shield.  Smart, high energy and cares about the city.
    Pauline Medrano   Incumbent.  Deserves another term.  Cares about real people in her district.  Smart, but has been too much of a team player, supporting boondoggles like Trinity Toll Road.  Pauline MEDRANO for Dallas City Council District 2
    Gwain Wooten
3   Dave Neumann   Incumbent.  Very high energy.  Smart, too much of a team player.  Hopefully, he will re-prioritize in his second term.
    Casey Thomas II   Past president of the Dallas Branch NAACP.  
    Victoria Walton
4   Dwaine Caraway   Incumbent.  Dwaine has focused on solving real problems, one block at a time, one street a time.   Deserves a second term.
    Lawrence Jordan   Research associate.
5   Sarah Gutierrez-Anderson
  Cleaning services.  
    Vonciel Jones Hill   Incumbent.  Does NOT deserve a second term.
    Jurline Hollins   Community activist and City Hall regular
    Don Robinson   Sales manager & Crime Watch leader who would bring energy and high integrity to council.
    Tiffinni Young   Former Park Board member, very smart.
6   Fernando Rubio, Jr.   Teacher.  Fernando Rubio Jr. for City Council, District 6
    Steve Salazar   Incumbent. Has focused on improving District 6 residential and business neighborhoods.  Deserves another term.
7   Marvin Crenshaw   Community organizer and a fixture in Dallas politics.
    Carolyn Davis   Incumbent who needs to be somewhere other than City Hall.  What can you expect from a community organizer?
    John Jay Myers   Dallas businessman.  Runs his own company located near Fair Park in Dist 7 with 10 employees.
    Donald Parish   Preacher with a sterling reputation.
    Ron Price   DISD Trustee who needs to get a job and retire from politics.
    Charles Redd   Banker.  High energy and smart.  Would be an effective council member with the right focus.
    Tony Rios   Former Board of Adjustment member.  Crime Watch leader in Buckner Terrace.  Smart, dignified, understands government workings and value of taxpayers' money.
    Gary Wayne Springer
  DART bus driver and television show host.  
8   Tennell Atkins   Incumbent.  Tennell has brought dignity to the District 8 council seat.  He deserves a second term.
    Levar Thomas   Community activist.  Al Lipscomb's grandson.  Slick.
9   Sheffie Kadane   Incumbent. Takes up space around horse show. Probably gets re-elected, unfortunately. Sheffie Kadane, Dallas City Council District 9
    John Yourse   Former Army copter pilot and teacher.  Has great ideas for making city better, but probably too smart to represent District 9.
10   Jerry Allen   Incumbent.  Too much of a team player, but that's what you expect from Lake Highlands and District 10.
    Anita Dade
  Customer service  
    Don Sanders
  Former Bank of America Sr. VP.; endorsed by Rose & Lowell Canaday.
Don Sanders | District 10 | Meet the candidate
11   Linda Koop   Incumbent, unopposed.  Smart, but too much of a team player.
12   Ron Natinsky   Incumbent, unopposed.  Smart, but too much of a team player.Elect Ron Natinsky to Dallas City Council - District 12
13   Ann Margolin   Smart, City Hall experience, community work.  About as good as it gets with her common sense, appreciation of taxpayers' dollars and fiscal responsibility.  Dallas needs her.
Ann Margolin
    Brint Ryan   His need for speed does not include learning much about City Hall.  Brint Ryan
14   Angela Hunt   Incumbent.  Smart, focused on practical needs for the city.  Really stumbled with her motion to kill longtime East Dallas business, Woodard Paint & Body. Running unopposed, but deserves another term. We need her.
Dallas City Councilmember Angela Hunt - District 14

You have to vote to earn the right to gripe.  sb





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8