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Angela Hunt's looking  out for us.
David Tuthill


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File Size: 15 KB 2/20/09 Athlanta area TV stations on Terrible Bolton's last days in DeKalb County:
Ch 2 
DeKalb Police Chief Calls Termination Efforts 'Zilch'
(TB kept 2 $$ cars seized in drug raids at his home)

DeKalb CEO Takes Steps to Fire Chief
(TB tried to intimidate staff, hide 2 $$ drug cars, etc.)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution ( 
DeKalb CEO takes steps to fire police chief Bolton
2/20/09 Dave Capps:  Lender Wanted for American Business - banks have TARP $$ but  won't lend money.  KTVT-11 reports: Local Company Can't Get Loan For 1,000 GM Vans

Jim Schutze:  Schutze: The Latest Target in the Inland Port 
Which politicians are playing a shakedown?
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File Size: 8 KB 2/19/09 James Northrup:  Councilman says 'don't worry, there's no money' to ruin White Rock Lake Park.
2/16/09 Gene Rice & Angela Hunt are standing up to Our Downtown Betters,
and they don't like it.
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File Size: 15 KB 2/13/09 Friday 13th -
Jim Schutze:  Corps of Engineers on the Trinity Project
2/09/09 Terrible Bolton can't change his spots.  w/comments

Sam Merten: 
Ex-DPD Chief Terrell Bolton Is Back in Dallas As DeKalb County CEO Restricts His Power

David Tuthill:  Thoughts on Property Taxes or or a day in line to pay them.

Sam Merten: 
Before the Trinity River Toll Road Referendum, Mayor Tom Leppert Promised the NTTA Would Kick In a Billion. Whoopsie.

Jim Schutze: 
But, See, You Already Knew the Trinity River Toll Road Was a Billion Dollars Over Budget





  Ward politics is the Devil's key to the soul of the city council.  It is how some council members got themselves in trouble in the past.  It is the bait that will get others in trouble in the future. 4/6/8